Bank of India Credit Card – Apply Best BOI Cards Online 24 Oct 2018

Bank of India is one of the leading commercial banks in India. It is a government-owned bank. To meet the growing financial requirements and the advancements in the banking sector, Bank of India introduces advanced services and facilities. Not being behind the race, Bank of India introduced different types of credit cards. On this list, you will get the best type of credit cards from Bank of India.

Bank Of India Krishi Vikas Card:

Bank of India Krishi Vikas Card is for the big farmers. The bank came up with a wide range of schemes for the farmers to fulfill their farming and agricultural requirements. With this credit card, the bank fulfills the emergency credit requirements of the farmers with easy cash management service. The Krishi Vikas Credit Card is a great financial tool for farmers in rural and semi-urban areas. The cardholders also have access to the VISA privileges.

Bank of India Credit Cards

The cardholders get 50% Crop Cash Credit Limit with a minimum limit of Rs 25000 and a maximum limit of Rs 50000. Bank of India links the credit card to the Crop Loan Cash Account and facilitates with hassle-free credit management services. The cardholders can withdraw cash from the ATMs up to 30% of the spending limit with a limit of Rs 10000. The bank also offers insurance cover as well as other services.

The Bank Of India Krishi Vikas Card gets specially designed for farmers. The applicants having BOI agricultural loan account of Rs 50000 or above are eligible to avail the credit card. You need to visit the branch and furnish the required documents.

Bank Of India TAJ Premium Card:

Bank Of India TAJ Premium Card is for reputed people holding a TAJ Membership. This credit card loads exclusive features and excellent billing options. With the card, the cardholders can avail the several exclusive privileges. This card is lifetime free with hassle-free renewal and annual payment features.

The cardholders will get reward points on purchases from the Taj group. The billing cycle of the card is from 16th of the present month to the 15th of next month. The cardholder needs to make the payment before 5th of the succeeding month.

The cash advance transaction fee is 2.5% on the advance amount. The late payment fee is Rs 100. The card replacement charge is Rs 200. The over-limit charge for each transaction is Rs 100. The foreign currency transaction charge is 2%.

The applicant must be an Indian and a member of the Taj group. Having a good CIBIL score is essential. Also, the applicant must have a stable source of income. Visit the bank if you fulfill the eligibility criteria carrying the applicable documents for identity, income, and residential proof.

India card Bank of India:

India card Bank of India is a well-crafted credit card for Indians. The cardholders can control their finances and enjoy the excellent benefits of the card. This card is valid only in India, Nepal, and Bhutan. This card is one of the most sorted-out credit cards from the bank of India offering a wide array of advantages. The interest-free credit period is 51 days.

You can use the card to make costly expenses and repay in installments accessing flexible tenures. The cardholders can also use the card for cash withdrawal from ATMs. The cardholders need to pay 10% of the bill before the due date accessing revolving credit. The rate of interest on the remaining amount will be 1.7% per month. If the cardholder fails to make the entire payment, the interest rate charged will be 2.5% per month.

The cardholders can also transfer the outstanding amount from other credit cards not exceeding 75% on the spending limit. The minimum balance required to access the balance transfer facility is Rs 5000. Bank of India offers concession on medi-claim insurance policy premiums to the cardholders. The policy value could be up to Rs 5 lakhs.

India Card gets accepted over 250000 merchants across the country. The cardholders can also use the card for ATM withdrawals at 9000 ATMs. On every purchase, you will earn reward points. You can convert the reward points to cash or redeem to purchase anything. The cardholders are eligible for flexible credit limit. If you spent a minimum amount of Rs 20000 in the previous year, you don’t have to pay the annual charges for the card. For costly expenses, you can use the card and make the payment in EMIs with nominal interest rates.

There is no joining fee for availing the card. The over-limit charge is Rs 100 for each transaction, and the penalty interest rate is 1.70% per month. The cash advance transaction fee is 2.5% on the amount. If you are an Indian citizen and have a gross income of 0.75 lakhs or above, you are eligible to apply for availing the credit card. You must have a good CIBIL score and must have a stable source of income.