Axis Bank is one of the best banks in the private banking sector of India. With the growing market competition, the bank gives the highest effort to satisfy its customers in all forms providing excellent services and facilities. The advanced facilities and services are meant to ensure the convenience of the customers. The bank introduced different types of credit cards not remaining behind the competition. Let’s discuss about the best credit cards from Axis bank!

Axis Credit Cards

Axis Credit Cards – Types of Credits Cards to Apply Online:

1. Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card:

Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card is the best for online shoppers. The cardholders will win gift vouchers, collect quickrewards points and get discounts on selected products. The joining fee to avail this credit card is Rs 750 and the annual fee is Rs 750. There are no add-on card fees. The bank charges 3.25% per month or 46.78% per annum if you fail to make the credit payment within the due date. The cash withdrawal fee is 2.5% applicable on the transaction amount. You have to pay Rs 100 for cash payment at the branch. There is no card replacement fee. The bank charges a penalty of 3% on the over-limit amount. The foreign currency transaction fee is 3.50% applicable on the transaction amount.

The cardholders will get Rs 1000 Flipkart gift voucher as the welcome gift on purchasing 3 times within the first 45 days. You will also get 10% discount on the expenses made from 1st to 5th of every month and for the expenses made from 6th to 31st of every month, you will get 5% discount. You can avail a minimum discount of 155 on the dining bills at the partnered restaurants across India.

The cardholders will earn six eDGE reward points on spending Rs 200 online using the credit card. This offer is not applicable on travel expenses. For offline expenses, you will earn two eDGE reward points on every Rs 200. You can convert the purchases exceeding Rs 2500 into EMI. Flipkart provides free vouchers of R 500, Rs 1000 and Rs 2500 if the annual expenses of the cardholder on Flipkart exceed Rs 25000, Rs 50000 and Rs 1 Lakh respectively.

You need to fulfill the eligibility criteria to avail the credit card. The age of the cardholder must be 18-70 years and the add-on cardholder’s age should be 15+. You need to provide the copy of the documents as required. You can either visit the official website of Axis Bank or visit the bank branch for applying for Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card. Make sure to compare the different types of credit cards before selecting one.

2. Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card:

If you fly abroad at frequent intervals, you need to select the best credit card smartly that would make your journey convenient. Axis Bank Vistara credit card will earn you several benefits and ensure comfort throughout your abroad journey. Axis Bank Vistara credit card is the most popular among the Premium Cards from the bank. With every swipe, your travel will go to the next level of luxury.

The cardholder will receive an Economy Class air ticket as a complimentary gift, and the bank will continue providing the gift every time you renew the card. You will become a member of Club Vistara. Making a transaction of Rs 200, every time, you will receive 2 CV points. You can earn 1000 CV points on making a transaction of Rs 50000 within the first 90 days of card issuance. If your transaction exceeds Rs 125000 to Rs 250000, you will get a complimentary Economy Class Air Ticket. With the credit card, you will get complimentary lounge access at different airports (selected). The cardholders will also get 15% concession at different restaurants. Axis Bank also offers Air Accident Insurance Cover up to Rs 25000000. The insurance cover also includes 100% credit limit under lost card liability, and you get a cover up to $500 for loss in check-in baggage. You can break down the purchases above Rs 2500 into EMI.

The joining fee is Rs 1500 without any add-on while the annual fee applicable from the 2nd year is Rs 1500. The interest rate on the expenses is 2.95% per month. The cash withdrawal charge is 2.5% on the withdrawn amount. The applicable fee on cash transaction is Rs 100. The payment for foreign currency is 3.50% on the transacted amount. The surcharge on the fuel-related payments is 1% of the transacted amount.

You need to fulfill the eligibility criteria before applying for an Axis Bank Vistara credit card. Only Indian residents are eligible to apply for this credit card. The applicant must be between 18-70 years while the age o the add-on cardholder should be above 18 years. The annual income of the applicant should be above Rs 6 Lakhs. You can either visit the branch or visit the official website and apply for the credit card.