No one chooses to be bankrupted. It’s an unfavorable situation that life might throw at you and you may not have any other options to choose rather than being bankrupted. If you can feel that you are going to be bankrupted in the near future, than that’s indeed one worst feeling one can ever have. However, you need to face the reality as well. There must be questions inside your mind like what will happen to your wife, children’s study, car, job…you are supposed be having them inside.

It’s normal to have those questions running in mind because your future is all related to these stuffs. While the bankruptcy process is going underway, you need to find some ways to find a livelihood. Of course you are not going to live without a job, you can’t manage to live that way, and you have to earn to live. You definitely wonder how you are going to get a job. Well, getting a job after the bankruptcy process is tough but not impossible. You will get a job and we will guide you through that.


Job after Bankruptcy

You are about to face one hardest challenge of your life. Getting a job when you are bankrupted is hard and once you get it you should celebrate to yourself. I hope you are ready to get started.

  • Show your employer that you are faithful – You should be totally upfront with your employer. Tell your employer your present situation, the hurdles you are going through. Your financial records might not be impressive, tell them why they are not. They are going to find your situation anyways, sooner or later. Tell your employer that you are trying your best to coming out of bankruptcy. If your behavior proves the statement then you will gain your employer’s trust which is very important.
  • Have plenty of recommendations with you – in your bankrupted state, your primary goal should be earning trust. Make them trust on you that you are trying hard to recover from your bankruptcy. Previously, more than two or three recommendation letters wouldn’t be needed but the situation has changed now. Start asking people you know from your academic institutes and offices to write 300 to 400 word recommendations for you. Tell them to write about your present condition and they believe that you will get back to normal state soon as you are seriously trying.
  • Know your rights – You need to know that’s it is illegal to not hire someone just because you are bankrupted. And on the other hand, it’s legal to someone with bad credit. Claim your rights.

Get a bankruptcy attorney’s help

If you have more to know regarding your situation and seeking career in the present status, then you should get the help of a bankruptcy attorney’s help. He/she can help you through the detailed processes. You shouldn’t go through the processes of rebuilding alone, it’s always better to have someone expert beside you. And that’s why you need an attorney.