Every company has their mindset which many employees or candidates are unaware of, but the fact remains the same. No matter which company you are going to apply for, if you are a person who is a fresher, then you cannot ask for more unless they need you because of your specific skills that nobody has it. You can either be somebody who experienced and applying for the highest position, or you can simply be a fresher, never settle for less and always ask for what you need and want.

How to Negotiate Salary Better Than 99% of People

Negotiation Power

Every company has their policies and every business manager has their agenda, but the salary part is something which you only can do, and your negotiation skills should be better than anyone else.

There are few things which you need to negotiate, and here they are:

  • Credit card APR.
  • Salary (Involve your buddies from different companies who has same salary fro the similar task).
  • Gym fee.
  • Cable fee.
  • Cellphone fee.
  • Remote work and on road work.
  • Complimentary room upgrades at hotels.
  • Car insurance.

Each of the things represented hundreds of dollars of worth which can help you save plenty of money. The way you negotiate will decide on how much money you will be saving and how much salary will be increased. Well, that’s not the end, but it will impact on your weekends, how about today week off and one-day remote work.

Spending few minutes to negotiate each thing with your manager or higher-ups will only bring more attention to how much worth you are and how much you are important to them.

Negotiation Principles:

1. Know What You Need

You need to take control over the conversation which you and your manager are going to have, for that you have to be one-step ahead of him or else your manager will likely to take over. When you are communicating, make sure to know what you want first then start negotiating the terms or you will end up in the hands of the experienced manager.

2. Know The Person Mindset Before Negotiating

Your manager is more like to offer things which do not add any value to your work, personal life or promotions nor the salary. Sometimes it seems like “Oh, this is far better than salary hike” then later you end up arguing with your manager, which is not wise for your career.

3. Have The Back-Up Plan

You want not only salary hike but also vacations and other things which are not listed. Sometimes things end up in ways where you just cannot go back and re-negotiate the terms because that is not good for your professional career. It is better to know each and everything and discuss every point after you reach the floor and end up in a conversation that you and colleague might have problems. So it is better than you negotiate with your manager


The Power of Negotiation is all about knowledge and how well prepared you are for the salary negotiation.

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