Canara Bank is popularly known as one of the oldest and largest public sector banks in the country. The bank has undergone nationalization in the year 1969. As per the updates of the year 2017 the bank has a network of about 6639 branches and over 10600 ATMs spread all over India. The headquarters of the bank is in Bengaluru. Ammebal Subba Rao Pai established the bank in the year 1906

Moreover, Canara Bank is also the first ever Indian Bank to get the certification for the total branch banking by for one of its branches in Seshadipuram. When it was first established by Ammebal Subba Rao Pal who was a philanthropist, the bank was named as Canara Hindu Permanent Fund in Mangalore, but later on, in the year 1910, the bank changed its name into the Canara Bank Limited.

The bank established its divisions in the international countries in the year 1976. The bank also has some of its offices in London, South Africa, Dubai, Shanghai, Tanzania, Hong Kong, Moscow, Bahrain, New York, etc. The Cana Bank set in its first ever overseas office in London in the year 1983.

The bank was also awarded for the quality service it provides. The bank was awarded for the sketch Smart Security awards for the “SIEM” tool in the year 2017. The Canara Bank also secured dun and Bradstreet award for the best public sector bank. Another major award received by the bank for its performance in the financial year 2015-16 is the certificate of excellence for promoting the rural self-employment training institutes.

There are some founding principles of the bank, and they are mentioned as follows:

  • To remove the ignorance and superstition from the society.
  • To promote awareness for an educated society to fulfill the first principle.
  • To develop a habit of saving in the
  • To strive hard to make the institution not only the financial heart of the society but also the social heart of the society.
  • To give the best to assist the needy.
  • To promote a sensitive side of the institution towards the atrocities and hardship faced by the society to bring necessary change in the surrounding for its betterment.

The banking institution was not only established by the founder to just elevate the economy but also the institution is fairly intended to show a sense of participation socially and be an assistant for the community whenever help is sought for.

Canara Bank Online Banking Registration Process:

Nowadays there are ways available so that the registration process can be done on the phone with ease. Following are some of the tips discussed which a customer must necessarily go through before the registration process:

Canara Bank Moblie Netbanking

  • All about the online registration process:

If any of the customers wish to apply for a net banking service of the Canara Bank online Banking, then here are the terms and the conditions to successfully access the quality net banking services of the Canara Bank.

The online banking services of the Canara Bank will only be extended to the customers who sign in the agreement by clicking on” I agree” and thereby giving the consent that the customer would abide by all the rules and regulations mentioned in the terms and conditions. If the customer is not agreed on certain terms mentioned, then they can click on “I Disagree” which would exit the process.

  • Applicability of the terms and the conditions:

The terms and the conditions those are mentioned before are a sort of agreement between the customer and the bank so that the bank is assured that the customer is aware of all the conditions and agrees to abide by the terms.

All the terms and conditions thus are applicable in every case except the ones where there is a conflict in the bank regarding any of its policy. The validity of the terms and the conditions is till the user closes his account completely or in case the agreement between the bank and the customer has replaced another one, or the account of the user is terminated for some time.

  • Definitions of some words which are used in the terms and condition:

There are some words which are used in general which are mistaken at times. Thus here is the description of some words used that might help in such case:

The word “Bank” is used to refer to the Canara Bank which was established in 1970 under the act of banking companies act. It has its headquarters in the Bangalore city. The word “website” refers to the website of the Canara Bank which is

This is the official site of the bank where a customer can find detailed information about all his queries and can also be informed about all the facilities provided by the bank. The word “Account(s)” is used to refer the account of the user in the bank with whatever name assigned which are eligible to access the net banking service of the bank.

The word “net banking/internet banking” is used to refer to the net banking service of the Canara Bank. The word “user” is used to the customer or the beholder of the account in the Canara Bank. In addition to that, there are also a login password and the transaction password which are generated.

The login password is a secret code which is to be known by the user or the customer authorizing the account only to get net banking facilities. The transaction password is provided by the bank to continue the transaction by the account and can be changed anytime with the convenience of the user.

How to Create Canara Bank Net Banking password?

Firstly customers who wish to create a password to access the net banking services of the Canara bank must mandatorily know that the password which is issued is authorized for the user only. Thus the user thereby has to accept the sole responsibility for the safety of the password. The bank will not be responsible for the secrecy of the password in any case as it completely depends on the user.

Canara Bank Netbanking Password

The password or the one time password of the account is to be kept very confidential which is a requirement to access the net banking services of Canara Bank. Secondly, the user has to go through the terms and the policies and also have to agree that the transaction password is to be used for the transactions and in this way the customer has to be bound to the terms of the bank which says the transaction password can initiate the transaction.

The user also has to agree that in no case can the bank be held responsible if the net banking user id and password are shared by the customer himself or is shared due to the theft or the loss of cell phone. And if in case there comes a situation where the user forgets the details of the account such as the id or the password then the user himself has to request for a password change online or can also give a written request by summiting directly to the bank.

The user has to go through the terms and policies and with the creation of the net banking account; the bank would give the id, and the password has to set by the user. The password must be having eight characters in minimum. At the very same moment, there is also a specification that the transaction password and the login password have to be necessarily different. The change of the user id and password shall not be considered as the beginning of a new contract between the user and the Canara Bank.

Steps to Activate Canara Bank Net Banking Services:

For the activation of the net banking account of the Canara, Bank one has to make sure that they have with them the entire verification key and the activation code. These are sent by the bank which is mandatorily required for the activation of the net banking account of the Canara Bank.

This crucial information is generally sent to the customer via messages to the number that is given in the bank or through the mail id which is linked with the account. After receiving the verification key and the activation code, the next steps which are to be followed are discussed in details as follows:

  • First of all the customer has to go to the official net banking website and click on the option “new registration.”
  • On clicking the “new registration” option, the link will redirect to the terms and policies of the net banking. You have to go through all the terms and conditions those are mentioned and judge whether you are ready to abide by it or not. If yes then you have to click on the option “I agree” and move on to the next step.
  • The next page will seek for some more information. You have to fill up that information which also includes the account number, mobile number linked to the account, debit card number and the customer ID which is provided by the bank.
  • After the form is filled up the bank will send a one-time password to the mobile number of the customer which was mentioned on the form filled up. Enter the OTP and click to submit.
  • After that, you are required to create a password for the transaction of the net banking. There are some parameters set for setting the password of the net banking account. If the password set by you satisfies the pre-set requirements, then submit so that the activation process comes to an end.
  • After the completion of the activation process, the link will redirect you to the home page of the Canara net banking website. Click on to the login option and then enter the newly created password and the user id.
  • After logging in here, there will be an option popping on your screen which asks for the debit card number as well as the expiry date on the ATM card and the ATM pin too is required to be filed up.
  • The bank then sends another one time password to the mobile number provided by the user and this password is a must to create a transaction password.
  • After the creation of the transaction password the process of the activation of the net banking of the Canara bank is over, and now you can continue to enjoy the net banking services provided by the Canara Bank.

Steps to Register Canara Bank Net Banking Services

The customers who are registered for the net banking service are all entitled to the quality net banking by the Canara Bank. Below discussed are some of the methods which to register for the net banking service of the Canara Bank.

  • Firstly one can sign up to access the net banking service by visiting the branch of the Canara Bank situated nearest to the residence of the user. He or she has to request for an internet banking application form. The application has to be filled, and then it has to be submitted to the bank. The bank usually sends the detailed information of the net banking to the address which is registered in the bank in the name of the customer who is authorized with the particular account.
  • Another easy way that the customers can go for to sign up the net banking of the Canara bank is they can directly download the application form of the Canara net banking from the official website of the Canara bank which is and then the application has to be filled up appropriately. After this, the application has to be submitted to the customer’s bank branch.
  • Once the application is filled and submitted in either in the nearby branch of the Canara Bank, the application has to be approved by the bank. The bank would mail the details of the user id and the password after and in this way the registration process comes to an end. After this process, one can have access to the net banking service of the Canara Bank.

But as mentioned above the details of the net banking user id and the password which is given to the customer through the linked mail is very confidential information to be kept. The password especially is the most important information, and it is the complete responsibility of the customer who is authorized for the id and has there can be no assistance be provided by the bank in such case. Neither can the bank be held responsible in such case.

Steps to Generate transaction Password in Canara Bank:

One can log in with the transaction password for the first time to the net banking id of the Canara Bank. To do so, one has to go through a net banking website. The website of the Canara Bank net banking is

Generate transaction Password in Canara Bank

The second step to generate the transaction password is to enter the customer id of the net banking account which is designated by the bank and is mailed to the account during the process of registration. The ATM pin also has to be given. The ATM card number and the expiry date of the debit card are also necessary to be filled up. After you end up filling out the information you have to click on the submit option which is there at the bottom of the page.

Now a one-time password (OTP) is sent to the mobile number to which the particular account I linked to so that the bank can be assured that the customer authorized with the account is involved in the process of changing the transaction password. The OTP has to be entered and again re-entered in the second phase.

After this process, the bank is assured of the involvement of the concerned customer, and hence the customer is now free to choose a password of his choice. There are some parameters set for the passwords that can be set. If the password set by you satisfies the parameter, then you have to again re-enter the freshly chosen password for confirmation.

After that, there will be a submit button on the bottom of the page which is to be clicked so that the procedure is completed. There are many major things related to the setting of the password. The transaction password is a pin which is required while there has to be any transaction done with the help of the account.

This password can be changed according to the convenience of the user. One must always prefer to change the transaction password very often. If one loses the transaction password by any means, then he or she has to be completely responsible for the entire loss. The terms and conditions have a mentioned point which says that the bank cannot be held responsible for any kind of loss caused due to the mishandling of the password.

Thus the transaction password has to be kept very confidential. One should always be cautious of the theft of phone s that might also lead to such cases if there are any net banking details which are stored on the phone. The most important part which is to be taken care of while setting a transaction password is that the transaction password is meant not to be similar with the login password.

Therefore the password must be set in such a way that it differs somehow with the login password. And the next and most important thing is that the password must be a strong one and should have a minimum of 8 characters in it. The passwords of the bank account are very confidential and vital information, and thus little care must be taken while setting those passwords.


Thus choosing Canara bank for net banking or any other financial management can prove to be the best choice as the bank provides way more preferable facilities as compared to any other bank. The bank is considered as one of the oldest and the largest public sector bank all over the country, and thus it is a trustworthy institution to choose for any kind of financial requirement.

The company is today emerging as a preferred bank by setting a benchmark of the quality service, management skills and majorly the profitability which it provides to its customers. It intends not only to provide a quality financial management system to the society to contribute to the national economy but also wants to be socially accepted as the responsible financial institution which assists the needy during their time of atrocities and hardships.

The bank has shown its existence as a top public sector bank all over the nation for the previous hundred years. In the year 2006, the banking has marked the completion of a century of its existence in the Indian banking market. The bank is now continuously expanding its domestic presence and is now successfully scaling up to e a financial conglomerate.

There are branches of the Canara Bank which are opened in the Bangalore city and also in Chennai. There are many facilities available in these branches with complete digitalization that ultimately provides ease for the operation. There is also robotic assistance which is programmed in such a way that they automatically help the customers to open their account.

Moreover, they also do the transaction themselves as well as clear all the queries of the customers. There are several digital initiatives taken by the bank to make it very easy for their customer to operate their concerns. Overall the geographical segments of the country there are about 62044 branches of the Canara Bank.

There are the ATMs as well as the depositor machines which are equipped with quality voice guiding system which helps the people to avail better service qualities in return. These are probably some of the reasons why the bank is so reliable in every aspect. Thus it would be the best decision if you choose Canara bank for all your financial concerns which can help you avail so many facilities which you may probably lack in some other bank services.