Indian Bank is a very popular nationalized bank caring a total of 20,924 employees and 2836 branches all over India. Since banks are in the dire need to the society, Indian Bank too still serves a lot of purposes. The total business of the Indian Bank has crossed the range of Rs. 3.64 lakhs. So, the reputation and popularity of the Indian bank are clearly hinted.

Basically, it is not possible to keep lakhs and lakhs in your house. And, the most pertinent fear about this is that of theft! You will definitely not want your hard earned money to be stolen by thieves. So, this was the main purpose of banks.

Further, situations developed more. And today, there is the Indian Bank and its branches, not only keeping your money safe but also charging an interest upon it, offering you the facility of a locker, providing you various facilities and many more.

Indian Bank Net Banking

About Indian Bank Net Banking:

Like many other banks, the India Bank is a public sector. It is a government undertaking. The Indian Bank was established on the year 1907. It has its headquarters in Chennai, India. The total number of employees count to 20,924. It has a total number of branches of 2836.

By far, it is one of the well-performing public sector banks established in India. Also, Indian Bank Net banking has spread its branches overseas too in Colombo and Singapore. You will be surprised to know that as per the 31st March of 2018, the Indian Bank has touched the limit of Rs. 3.64 lakhs in terms of total business.

Besides, the bank consists of two subsidiary companies namely:

  1. Indbank Merchant Banking Services Ltd.
  2. Indbank Housing Ltd.

Services offered by Indian Bank Internet Banking:

These kinds of facilities are offered by the bank to assembly the entire savings of a community. Also, it encourages customers to withhold their money from their bank. You must be worrying about the charges. The banking charges are really very less. Actually, it is this minimal rate that has made Indian Bank so popular amongst all over the world.

Besides, there is a very important facility that the Indian Bank offers. It is the Indian Bank Net Banking system. Today, in a world where we are surrounded by internet all over, the net banking of Indian Bank is a boon. Just like any other banking systems, Indian Bank too has their online facility.

The bank is so generous that it has thought about you people. They have understood that you do not have all day to stand in a long queue in the bank. Again, for petty reasons like printing your bank’s passbook or getting a withdrawal form, none of us like to wait for hours.

Hence, all credit goes to our very own Indian Bank.

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Indian Bank Online Banking System Includes:

Once you are registered under the online net banking system of Indian Bank, you can get access to your bank account at ease. You can access or handle your own account from home. Before that, given below are the facilities that are offered by the net banking system of Indian Bank:

  1. Money transfer.
  2. Checking your account balance and statement.
  3. Linking your Aadhar number to your account.
  4. Placing the order for the new checkbook.
  5. Making online payments.

But above all else, you have to get your name REGISTERED under the online net banking system of Indian Bank. The easiest way possible is to visit the bank, tell them about your requirements and get your name registered. Since, it is not possible always to run to the bank, you can use their net banking method.

How to Register or Activate Indian Bank Net Banking System?

Here is a step by step procedure through which you can register and enroll your name under the Indian Bank net banking system.

Before you begin with the registration process, you have to ensure that you have the following things done:

  1. You should have given a registered mobile number to the bank and attached it to your bank account
  2. You should have a valid email address and have registered it to your bank account
  3. Valid debit card with a proper PIN number to it
  4. The valid account number to your bank account or a CIF number will do

Step by step process of registering for the net banking process of Indian Bank.

Step 1:

Go to the web portal of Indian Bank. You can click here to get straight into the site: .

Next, you have to click on the option ‘register online’.

Step 2:

In the screen that pops ups, you have to enter your account number of CIF number. Both these numbers are available in your passbook.

Indian Net banking CIF Number

Next, enter the 10 digits cell phone number and press on ‘submit’.

Step 3:

In the next page that appears, you will be asked to the one-time password (OTP). This OTP will appear in the form of a message in the mobile number that you have entered.

Indian Bank Net bankinig OTP

Enter it and press enter.

Step 4:

Then will appear you account details. Under that type of facility that you are looking for, click on the option ‘view and transaction facility’. Then wait for the next stage.

Step 5:

Here you have to set up a password as your login password. Remember, this password will be the only key to access to your account online.

Indian bank Netbanking Login Password

Make sure to set up a strong password. Finally, click on submit.

Step 6:

Next, you have to setup a panel of security question and answer series. You can tick on any two questions and submit it.

Step 7:

Then, click on the option ‘activate through ATM card’.

Step 8:

In the following page, provide the details as has been asked for, that is, your debit card number, its expiry date and PIN number.

Final thoughts

Therefore, After you have completed the full process of registration, login and check once if you can operate it singlehandedly.