Although an entrepreneur can build a winning business based on other people’s imagination through brainstorming and teamwork, it always helps if the head of the company is a dedicated visionary. Seeing ahead of the curve and anticipating future problems and solutions is fundamental to building an innovative business.



Someone who has the ambition, courage and commitment to challenge the system or improve it has the essential energy needed to be a self starter. A sense of adventure can be manifested from overcoming fears and barriers associated with starting a business. By focusing on positive outcomes that benefit society, the entrepreneur can outperform competitors while improving the passion, integrity, authenticity and credibility of a business.


The ability to analyze a market and see the big picture is the essence of a strong business mind. Learning broad knowledge of where a market has been can help formulate ideas on where it can go. Evaluating your own strengths and weaknesses is just as important as evaluating competitors.


If you’re not willing to take some risks, you may not be ready to become an entrepreneur. Whether the stakes are high or low, a leader with sharp awareness and business knowledge must take a calculated risk at some point to make the venture worthwhile. Risk management is a helpful tool that bases decision making on odds instead of chance.


Knowing how to negotiate with a win-win attitude is essential. You must know how to deliver clear messages, be flexible, adaptable and listen to feedback, which completes the communication cycle. When you ignore feedback it can lead to unpredictable and costly consequences.

Team Building

Most successful businesses are a conglomeration of networks interacting with other networks. The more you inspire your team with respect, confidence and trust, the more powerful your business can be. Putting together a team that’s more powerful than the sum of its parts is a special talent. It takes someone who understands the nature of how high energy teamwork can strengthen an organization.


Knowing how to treat people with an open minded approach is more effective than being condescending. Richard Branson treats his employees with respect and gives them incentives and rewards, which helps nurture proud loyal employees. It’s better to follow his successful lead than to be mean and make people feel unwanted. Companies are only as great as the people who work for them.


Effective leadership involves being a decisive captain who makes sure each player lives up to or exceeds expectations in terms of productivity. Sometimes a leader must make tough or unpopular decisions to get all team players on the same page. Consistency among a team working for the same goal is the result of great leadership.


You must be able to see and exploit opportunities that allow your business to advance. Sometimes you can use failure as a learning opportunity. Knowing how to create opportunities to even stronger talents will help your business grow.  Take time to sit down with your favorite book summary to learn more about what you are building.

Resource Development

You know you’re an entrepreneur when you can make magical things happen with limited resources. Developing resources further through investment in resilient people can turn a small business into a big success.