Entrepreneurship is a challenging path where you have started a new business with the one man army staff, and that is you. Your business has one person to look at, and the future rides on you. For the sake of the business you just cannot go back and be demotivated as it happens a lot in any start-up business.

There are situations where you have to take some time off your schedule and do something better for the day, or you will be looking like a person who had a bad week and then planning to shut down everything and go back to your old boring job.

Did you know that you can learn many things from the kids of this generation? Learn three things from the kids which cannot be learned from an expert.

But spending time with the family has always proven to the best remedy and the motivational which needs a boost for the sake of your business. The face of the family members always keep you motivated and let me show you three things which can only be seen in the family and the children.

3 Things Kids Taught You About Entrepreneurship

Leave The Behind

Did you know that children are the best sales person in the world, many don’t take it seriously because they do not consider children or the young ones as they do not have the experience nor the responsibility.

Children and the young people are the best sales person because they have no fear to show their skills, honesty and prove themselves every time you ask them. On the other hand, we have seen many companies who are very secretive, and they provide you information with fear because they think they might have a customer. The fear takes over, and it always cost you.

Moral: The fear of losing something is the moral of the story, do not have fear or you will never see then positive end.

Don’t make Same Mistakes Twice

So this is the important part where I’m also involved in it, once I have started business expectations were pretty high but later on my business did not work out, and I have ended up losing plenty of money, and all of my savings just washed off.

When you have failed to prove yourself in any business, you will never be able to face your family, peers and those who consider you good for nothing. Your one failure will give them another reason to prove you a loser for life, which is hard to accept. But remember, no Entrepreneur hasn’t failed, those who do not, learn hard and they create a business which will last forever and not only that they can repeast it as many as times they start.

Moral: So the moral of the story is, no matter how hard it is, just move and keep trying. You can repeat the story twice.

Network Like a Pro

When I was playing with another kid, my mom uses to talk to my friend’s mothers, and by the end of the day, she made them her friends. SO what I have learned from my mom is that it doesn’t matter where you go, it is important that you are ready to make friends and also use them to your advantage.3

Moral: Always make friends so that your network gets better.


Never complain and learn from them to makes yourself better.

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