If you run a small business then you must know the importance of marketing. To get success in business you must promote your products or services to your target audience. When there was no internet, small businesses had only very few options to promote their products cheaply. But, nowadays, there are all kinds of opportunities out there on the web.


In this post, we are sharing 5 best low-cost ways to promote your small business.

Start a Blog

A blog not only helps a business to increase its visibility online, but also helps to connect its customers more directly. And the best part is that, these days it’s easy to start a small business blog. Just you need to buy reliable hosting plan and WordPress theme. But remember that to make a blog work for your business you need to keep updated your bog regularly with fresh and unique content. Believe me, blogging is one of the best and inexpensive ways to promote your small business online.

Social Media

Another popular and low-cost powerful marketing tool to promote your small business. If you are running a business with no social media presence, you are missing out a big audience that’s willing to connect with your brand. Our suggestion is create social media pages to increase your reach and conversations. You can also use different social media channels to reach different audiences. Also, if possible, try to run contests, giveaways, and offer excellent deals to social media followers to boost brand loyalty and customer referrals.

Email Marketing

You can also use email marketing to drive new customers to your small business. It is an easy and cost effective way for small business owners to reach out their customers, grow their customer base and to build reputation. Email marketing is also believed to be more effective to gain new customers as compared to the social sites. A well planned email marketing campaign could help you to achieve business goals at a faster rate. So, why you are waiting? If you want to grow customer base, connect with existing customers, and promote your products and services, an email marketing campaign is must for you.

Business Card

One of the cheapest but most powerful ways to promote business. If you are just starting out and yet to have a business card, have them made up immediately. They are not only cost effective but also compact to carry anywhere anytime. Along with business card, your business also should have letterhead, envelope to tell customers how serious you are about your business. Be sure to print your website address, email ID and phone number on your business card.

Ask Your Customers for Referrals

Do you know that your existing customers can bring lots of new customers? Yes, you heard it right. A satisfied customer of your business often glad to refer you to their family and friends. In some cases, you also have to ask your customers for referrals. Don’t forget to give them few of your business cards and fliers, so that they can distribute it among their friends who need your products or services.