Now that you are sure of your decision and you know it is the time to move your stuff to a storage, here are 5 common mistakes you are certain to make. However, distribution, as well as warehousing, is a complex process, but along with greater challenges come even greater responsibilities and accountability. So, one should work on avoiding the following common mistake when taking a warehouse in Mumbai on rent.

5 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Warehouse

There are a lot of considerations to keep in mind when selecting a warehouse in Mumbai on rent. But, we get you expert tips and suggestions on 5 mistakes you must avoid in all cases so as to get the best warehouse and be worry-free for the rest of the time!

  1. Never Disregard the Location

Accessibility and surrounding must be your number one priority. When you aren’t comfortable with the environment and reaching the warehouse requires you to invest a lot of time, please start looking out for more options. There aren’t a limited number of warehouses in Mumbai on rent. You just need to have the nose for scouting out the best locations.

The building must be in a good condition, there shouldn’t be any closely attached neighbourhood and you must be able to get labour (when required) along with having a proximity to many other resources.

  1. Always Pay Attention to the Details

It is a common mistake where certain details get neglected while you are on a lookout for a warehouse in Mumbai. Paying attention just to the location doesn’t end your responsibilities. You also need to consider several other details that are inside the facility.

So, for instance, things like ordinances are often not even though about. But you must know if there is or isn’t any such restrictions for the goods to enter. Also, make sure that there is a flexibility maintained in case you may want to expand for meeting those challenging situations.

  1. Ceiling Height

This aspect of a warehouse also needs to be taken care of. You cannot ignore the height of a warehouse as that is something which will ensure your convenience. It must be appropriate enough to store all your commodities. A height that’s lower than normal can be an obstruction but the one that’s too high can incur more costs pertaining to taxes. So, the height shouldn’t, at any cost, reduce the efficiencies of your storage purpose.

  1. Pricing

What may ever cost that you discuss for rent, just make sure that it is in accordance with the market price. Do your homework before even stepping out to scout for a warehouse in Mumbai. Make sure you know the things you require, know about how the storage is going to happen, enquire from a few people before penning down the final agreement and also crosscheck if the pricing in long-term will be able to support your business model.

  1. Future Planning

Failing to plan for your future is one issue where companies usually fail at. If the organization is evolving, the business is eventually going to step out of the current competition. Therefore, the thought process must be extended, so that all the future plans and the business fall into the right place.

So, for instance, questions like these are a must: How will you expand the current possibilities? Utilisation of what technology can make you more efficient? And does the current infrastructure allow for better growth? Understand your goals and objectives for developing the action plan so it eventually gets you there!

There are several other things that one needs to carefully consider and not mess up in those areas. Not making use of paperless processes, having a lack of inventory accuracy, failure to not be able to optimize picking paths, shortage of trained and prepared-for-all-the-challenges kind of a staff, not paying attention to safety policies and a lack of preventive measures are more such details you need to think about before having to rent a warehouse in Mumbai.