When searching for the perfect office, don’t forget there are more options out there than you think. It’s easy to opt for the standard, long hold lease, but does it really suit your business? Is it the best choice for its current size, product line up, and short-term goals? This is a big decision, so think carefully and don’t settle for less than the best.

For instance, Servcorp offers virtual offices and serviced offices in Manila. The capital city is a thriving, bustling hub of corporate activity, so it is a popular destination for entrepreneurs. Certainly, with the abundance of flexible leasing options, it’s easier than ever to launch a business here. In many cases, you can move in immediately, without disruption or delay.

Serviced and virtual offices are two of the most flexible leasing options in Manila. If you want to relocate in style, this is the way to do it.

The Rise of the Adjustable Office

The thing that makes virtual and serviced solutions different to traditional leasing is adaptability. They do not demand long-term commitment from tenants. This is a big deal because businesses are always changing. It’s near impossible to predict where a company will be in five or even three years, though a lot of work is put into trying.

Virtual and serviced vendors understand that stability doesn’t have to mean rigidity. These leases are normally open-ended. Tenants can stay as long as they like, but there is no lock-in clause. In fact, some serviced vendors even help businesses up or downgrade within their facilities. The result is fully scalable, adaptable resources.

Getting to Grips with the Virtual Model

While serviced and virtual offices are similarly flexible (and often operated by the same vendor), they are very different in other ways. For instance, virtual leases do not provide any physical space for rental or occupation. They offer corporate resources only, with an open line of communication to the central facility.

Tenants or users are expected to maintain independent routines – usually at home or somewhere else with Wi-Fi – and look to the virtual office as a remote resource. Calls, mail, parcels, and other communications get directed through the formal facility first so that it looks like the business is situated in a full-time office.

Seeking Out a Serviced Suite

The serviced option is a little different because you do get a privately held suite. This is a more traditional option, with the benefit of a fully inclusive package. These workspaces are kitted out and ready to go. Everything you see on day one, including the lighting and other utilities, is rolled into the monthly fee. There are no extra charges for basic, core resources.

If you were to lease a serviced office in a high-end location, it would carry similar rates to other spaces in the neighbourhood. However, the difference is that you also get everything needed to run and maintain it. So, there’s one payment to make and no chance of suppliers surprising you with price hikes. Consequently, securing one of these top spots becomes a lot easier.

The Value of Flexibility and Customisation

When you’re building a brand, it’s important to get the basic pieces right. Often, the assumption is that long hold leasing must be the only stable, secure route. This isn’t the case, because virtual and serviced solutions offer unrestricted access to corporate resources, without asking tenants to make unfair compromises.