The word project can be misleading because it can encompass anything from a middle school science fair submission to an international hotel chain renovation. So, if someone asks if you want to take the lead on a new venture, you might want to get some additional details before committing to anything.


Projects are different than individual tasks or procedures because they entail multiple individual activities to complete a specific outcome. Experts say there are three key defining components – they are temporary, have unique deliverables, and their progress depends on the gradual progression of completed tasks.

Project Management

Project management is not a new profession. In fact, it’s been around in some form or fashion for centuries. The field of professional project management, however, is a bit more contemporary. Any endeavors that require complicated schedules, critical deadlines, expenditure reports, equipment usage, or quantifiable outcomes can quickly become too complicated for old fashioned spreadsheets.

Advantages of project management software

Even the best and most experienced managers in the country can benefit from new tools and resources.

Specialized Software

One of the biggest developments in project management in recent years is the creation of new software. While there are some amazing general software programs out there, sometimes projects require specialized programs. Complex construction usually entails strict deadlines and funding requirements are usually too complicated for Excel. Yardi professional property management software is a great resource for real estate investment strategies and commercial property management portfolios.

Other Examples

Besides managing properties, there are several other kinds of projects that require comprehensive organization. Some examples include hosting a large event, launching a new product, creating a new website, opening a new business or rebranding a well-known company. These are things that cannot be completed overnight by one individual. They require extensive planning and a team.

If you’re looking at taking on a new and complex assignment, you might want to consider hiring a professional to help ensure you meet your goals.