It is amazing to have a co-worker who you can share duties with and talk to occasionally. However, when you think of a co-worker, you would never imagine that it would be something else or someone that is not human. With the new trends in artificial intelligence, the introduction of cobots in work places is raising eyebrows. As much as they are said to be collaborative and made to work alongside humans, it still is not easy to accept a machine as a co-worker. If you however look at it in another aspect, a cobot is not just another machine. It really is a co-worker.

Cobots are collaborative, flexible, easy to work with and very safe. If you opt to make a universal robots cobot, your work colleagues, then below are the reasons why it will make the perfect co-worker


You may think that cobots will get in the way of humans as they work and therefore become a danger. A cobot unlike the traditional industrial robots is very small and flexible. It can move around and not stay caged in one place like a big robot. It is meant to keep humans safe at the workplace as it works alongside them.

Many of the cobots are monitored to stop any movements when they sense danger or when they come too close to humans. Others are made to reduce their power when they encounter humans so as not to cause any injuries. If you get a cobot that needs human guidance, then make sure it has all the properties that will limit its force when it encounters humans.

To make it even safer to accommodate cobots as co-workers, all staff members should learn everything there is to learn about cobots and what their limitations are. Universal robots who is a leading producer of cobots will train and educate all staff members on what safety, ensure to look out and give you the benefits of the cobots.

Delegation of duties

Wouldn’t you love you have a colleague who you can delegate some duties to occasionally? Well, you can do the same to a cobot colleague. Unlike your human colleagues, the cobots can take on all the work. They will not tire, they will not ask for a break and they will not complain.

If you especially have a repetitive job that you hate doing, then worry not because the cobot can do the same job repeatedly without hating it or getting bored. In this way, you can take some time to do other jobs that require creativity and are fun to do. Also, jobs that require emotions, adaptability and empathy are better left out for you because you are human and a cobot is a programmed machine.

Precision and accuracy

Humans tire fast. Humans are prone to making errors and they are not always accurate. What would it take to have a co-worker that made very few or no mistakes at all? Cobots are accurate because they are programmed to be. They are also very precise and can carry out the hardest jobs with so much ease.

Better quality products

Because cobots are accurate and precise, the quality of the products goes up. What this means for any company that uses cobots is that production goes up too and so does ROI.


Flexibility in every workplace is very important for growth. When there is labour shortage, cobots can always take up the places and work does not have to stop. They are so flexible that they can do any job. Cobots can fill up shifts and replace workers that go on leave.


With the emerging technology trends, the world is ready for the interaction between cobots and humans. Sharing the same workplace will not only move industries and businesses forward but human safety will be taken care of. Cobots operate autonoumsly with humans which is why they make great co-workers. They need little or no guidance unlike the industrial robots and they are not as bulky.