Collaborative robots also known as cobots have brought in huge changes in the factory workspace. Unlike traditional robots, cobots can work alongside or hand in hand with human staff. This capability has culminated in an easier work process and better quality goods produced.

Manufacturing companies always seek faster and cheaper ways of getting products to the market. In this time, technology is the key driver of speed and cost savings. Cobots are technologically adept and as a result can be paired with any new technology to deliver as expected and even more.

Organizations that have already taken up cobots testify to the instant benefits gained from them. These benefits include:


Compared to traditional robots and any other mode of automation to a company, cobots return the most value money to an acquiring company. The price invested in the acquisition and set up is the only investment the company makes for the cobot. Once it is in the factory and put to use, all it does is save money and increase production.

Cobots are produced for different weight loads and different capacities. These differences cause a change in the price of the cobots. Cobot’ prices are very friendly and the payback time on the investment is in a surprising three months to a year.

Saves companies time and money

The longer the time it takes to manufacture a product, the more expensive it becomes. Cobots help eliminate any challenges in the production process and ensure that the least possible time is taken to produce a product. In addition, they also allow for the production of a high quality product in the shortest time possible.

When this happens, the high quality product is able to get to the market much faster and at a price which enables the manufacturer to maintain a healthy bottom line.

Works well with modern technology

In this day and age, technology and its application is the differentiating factor among competitors in the same industry. Technology allows for some processes to be performed faster and also eliminates the need for others. It also allows manufacturers to offer a range of products at a high quality and an affordable price range.

Cobots have been developed at a time when technology rules the world. As a result, they are developed to collaborate not only with humans but also with the existing technology with the capability to upgrade and work with future technologies.  They can receive new instructions online and are easily monitored remotely through the feedback that they produce on the tasks that they are involved in.

Enhances available jobs

Automation has always been viewed as a cause of job loss. Automation via cobots has a positive effect in manufacturing companies. Cobots can effectively replace human staff in the carrying out of monotonous routine jobs. This the leaves the human staff concentrating on innovation and enhancing the quality of their organization’s product.

The collaborative ability of cobots allows it to be acquired for a specific task while on the other hand the creativity of the human staff enables them to seek more ways to use the cobot around other tasks in the factory floor. With its flexibility, the cobot accepts new responsibilities easily thus improving the work done on the factory floor.

Easy to use

As their name suggests collaborative robots are used collaboratively. They can work independently alongside human staff or hand in hand on different tasks. After acquiring a cobot, it only requires up to a day to have it assembled and ready to work.

After assembly, the cobot is easily programed and put to work immediately. It is capable of working on different tasks and all that is required is a change of programming or a bit of end of arm retooling for it to suit the next job. Also, it is small and mobile and can be moved around the factory for task allocation and easier and faster completion of tasks.