Starting a business usually comes with a huge investment often seem impractical or idea being not enough credit to further applications in a business model. Well, you should this was the case several years ago. Now, there are plenty of ideas mushrooming around to start a potential business just with a great idea, low investment, and high profit. Smaller businesses are more into the play and promoted by the various Government schemes. Interestingly, there is far more option for finance options, resources and other required essentials for a business environment. With social media, digital marketing, and online influencers, the marketing aspect of any business has become far more interesting than ever.

Cost of the starting up a business has become an all different scenario since online business came into the play. Sometimes a good business is just one internet connection and one phone away from you. All you need is an idea to implicate in a practical and potential business model.

40 Business Ideas

Before you start a business, the first three points even before anything should come into your find are following.

  1. Are you really interested in and passionate about the business?
  2. Is it something you know of and very good at?
  3. Is it something which is in demand?

If you get all ‘yes’ for the above questions then the idea of the business surely live up to your expectations otherwise you should find something you are interested in and good at.

Well, here we brought top 40 potential ideas with low investment and high profit in 2018 and 2019. These businesses are something you can start even today.

40 Business Ideas with low investment to start in 2018 and 2019

  1. Online Store:

Setting up an e-commerce website nowadays has become one of the most viable forms of online business. It is highly profitable and demands low-cost investment. The best about an e-commerce website is its potential to upscale beyond top-notch business. Only you need to focus on the unique practical idea and business plan according to it.

  1. Business Broker:

Business Broker is a person who deals between the buyers and sellers with their owned private business. He is the one who assists them in the process of buying and selling. The person is required to have knowledge about a law of business and other common practices in the industry. They earn by the commission they get through the process.

  1. Affiliate Marketer:

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular formats for online earning. Affiliate Marketers are supposed to promote the products and earn commission on every sale. It is the lowest investment and highest profit kind of business if handled that way.

  1. Self-Publishing:

If you are an aspiring author, it could be your call for the business as well. Self-publishing authors are earning the fortune with minimum investments. However, the ultimate level of creativity in your writing form, understanding the market and other concerns are important.

  1. Youtuber:

One of the most popular forms of gaining stardom with minimum or even nearly no cost investment. Youtube platform allows people to portfolio their talent or provides entertaining or informative content behalf of which they receive immense popularity and big checks apparently with a rise of their viewership.

  1. Online Teacher:

Virtual teaching already introduced so many forms of online business providing educational classes on various topics to the aspirant online learners. The success of Khan Academy or Udemy certifies the fact.  You can sell your content or create such platform offering such courses in exchange for the fee to create this online business.

  1. Food Truck:

Food Truck concepts are so much interesting and fancy for not just business aspirants but the people as well. The food truck might not be the as low investment as online businesses but still, there are limitations you put at the start and bring the best out of it.

  1. Dog Walker:

Dog Walker is a profession where a person walks with the dog, usually, walk with the dog to home and from home. It can be a one-person work or also can be a business paid by the dog owners.

  1. Virtual Assistant:

The virtual assistant is kind of a digital nomad or freelance business where you are paid to do another person’s job. It can be occasional, regular; multiple clients based or even a business model as well.

  1. Career Coaching:

Consulting about the career to the students and aspirant people looking to change their path or take the decision is career coaching. You can open an online based consultancy service regarding career coaching and get paid.

  1. Pet Grooming:

Pet Grooming is a full-fledged business where with some ample amount of investment you can take care of pets, groom them and get paid by the dog owners.

  1. Beard Grooming Product Business:

 You can also start your own beard grooming products business where the ingredients are cheap and can be bought online. Just take care of branding, marketing, and bulk production.

  1. Dance Coaching:

If you excel in dancing or can arrange an initial staff of few dance teachers, you can start a dance coaching business. You can own a place or provide home dance teaching as well.

  1. Pick and Drop Services:

You can start a pick and drop services where you can have help with modern tech and transport together and start a cab service.  You need to pair the clients with pickers.

  1. Security Services:

The security services are in so much demand today that the business is perfect simply with the lowest investment. Security services are on both side offline and online as well.

  1. Social Media Management/ Consultant:

Social media Managers or consultant could be a one-person business or team business as well to provide social media management to various online clients. You will help businesses to establish online and increase the traffic.

  1. SEO Expert:

 Providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to emerging websites and business with online profiles will be a great business. You can establish an online SEO consultancy as well.

  1. Online Bookkeeping:

There is a lot of professions which turned into an online business and so is bookkeeping. Accountants and bookkeepers have a chance to create a business online targeting multiple clients.

  1. Virtual Call center operator:

Virtual Call center operator can be remotely anywhere unlike regular call center regulators. They can work from home but a customer will think of him dealing from office.

  1. Digital Marketer:

Digital Marketing includes various promotional and marketing strategies which the person is supposed to make for the companies or clients. It is a remote job where it can be turned as full-fledged business as well.

  1. Android App developer:

One of the requirements at hike is an application which is adapted by every brand or company today. Android App developers are paid well for various application development projects.

  1. Website Owner:

Website Owner can be even independent of writing and management. If he has right idea and strategy, he can hire the basic team of one or two writers, SEO expert, and virtual assistant and create a website and earn from it.

  1. Content Writer/ Copywriter:

Copywriting or content writing business is one of the most popular freelance or company based business as well.  You can be a team or play solo, target various clients across the world and charge accordingly.

  1. Content Broker:

Since, there are so many content writers, clients, and requirements; Content Broker helps to meet the right seller to the perfect buyer where he earns from the commission of every successful deal.

  1. Podcasting:

Podcasting is quite interesting way to set up a business with providing interesting content on audio streaming format.  You can earn from the subscriptions and selling audio content. You need to choose a niche or an interesting idea to connect with the people.

  1. Website Management firm:

In the world of digital earning, the websites are a most common phenomenon where every owner requires a manager to manage the website and administrate the components of the website.

  1. E-Magazine:

Opening an e-magazine website is like having a publishing firm on a virtual platform. E-magazine earns from sponsorships, featured content, advertisements, colorations, subscriptions and online products as well.

  1. Language Teacher:

Language teaching business is great as it requires minimum or no investment, you can start it virtually. It could be a one-man business or you can connect with other teachers to create a group of learners and teachers in a single online or offline platform.

  1. Handicraft Business:

Handicraft is one of the most on-demand stuff for foreigners and other people. You can create a platform to meet sellers and buyers. Or think of any fresh idea on basis of handicrafts.

  1. Sell E-Books:

You can start selling e-books to various publishers and other platforms or have your own website to offer the customers. It is different from self-publishing and it is easier and cheaper than that as well.

  1. Blogging:

Turning your passion into something that gives you money, is key for blogging. You know something, like traveling cheap or gadgets or tech stuff. Write about it and join the league of content creators around the world, earn from online advertisements, featured, promotions and more.

  1. Motivational Speaking:

Motivation speaking can be turned as the full-fledged business if you own a website, social media profiles and more. You can create your own e-course and sell on your website. You can charge the fee for the subscription for e-books and other materials like the podcast and latest shows.

  1. Photography Business:

Photography might be able to be bit costly but there is the option with minimum investment to start from. You can work with experienced professional and earn or you can establish your company for photography/ videography services.

  1. Smart Home Contractor:

Smart Home Contractor is a person who can provide the services for the solution for smart home, automation systems, security systems, air conditioning and monitoring application to houses.  You will earn on the basis of the commission you get on every sale or deal.

  1. Social Media Celebrity:

Well, it not might seem like a profession but modeling and pretty faces can really utilize their looks along with the bit of talent in singing or doing anything good on social media like Instagram, facebook, snapchat, musically and more. It might be a bit slow but works really great if you have talent and face value.

  1. Tattoo Studio:

You only need bit space and some investment for initial setup, rest you are good to go for having a tattoo studio in your locality. You can later make it big and larger setup by hiring tattoo artists.

  1. Child Care:

Child care could be a huge investment driven business but still, there are different ways you can start it by initial investment or using some own resources like your home or any space you already have. You can later make it more professional and systematic and even increase your fee.

  1. Virtual  Job Consultancy:

Virtual Job consultancy can be the great business if you have the qualities of HR and handling people. You won’t need any office setup or even hire for early stage. You can start on your own, by getting clients and candidates matching up for each other and earn from the commission from a client side, so it seems to be a noble work as well. Later, you can make it into office and hire more people for yourself.

  1. Freelancing Business:

One of the most popular businesses is freelancing business; basically, it means one-man-show kind of business where he or she will be providing various or particular services to his or her clients to any part of the world.  Later you can join more people will you for your assistance. It could be any kind of work as in graphic designing, content marketing, web designing and more.

  1. Tiffin Service / Catering:

Catering or Tiffin service can be demanding and hassling but at the initial stage, you can make it regulated. Like you can choose only your locality to serve at first.  Then, increase your limits with food demands, a number of people and the delivery system.