best customer service

As the owner of a business that involves daily visits from customers, you need to make sure that your building is well kept. Not only does building upkeep make an impression on your clients, it can also make the difference where they choose to conduct business. The condition of your office is a part of your overall customer service approach. Here are some client-minded improvements to consider.

Good Parking

For businesses such as stores and banks that involve client visits, the parking lot can make a lasting impression, especially for a new customer. A well-maintained parking lot shows visitors that you not only value their presence but also their vehicles as well. Your parking lot should be clean, safe and smooth-surfaced with well-defined spaces. Nobody wants to deal with potholes or vehicle damage from improperly marked spaces.

Welcoming Doors

Just as the front door on a home makes a statement about the overall condition, so do the doors of your store. Clients shouldn’t be greeted by doors that are old, in need of a paint job or with defective hardware. Doors can go a long way to making visitors feel welcome. Consider also how the door functions with respect to your business. Perhaps you should have a revolving door or some type of automated function to improve operations and customer service. Consider professional services such as those offered by


If your store is difficult to find or not well identified from the street, that negatively impacts your profitability. Whether they’re looking for your store or just in the neighborhood, visitors should be able to clearly see where you are located with visible signage. Similar to doors, old and dilapidated signs can give a negative impression to potential customers.

Being responsible for your place of business is thrilling, but comes with challenges. The upkeep of your facilities has a huge impact on your bottom line. Poorly maintained spaces give a negative impression about your company and its legitimacy.