There are numerous printing methods available in the market today. As the world evolves, so are the printing techniques, which have invented different ways of transferring images to the print media. Every type of printing is best for a particular need, and so, businesses are at liberty to choose which technique suits them.

Different Types of Printing Methods

Due to the high demand for printing services, so many companies are on the rise. However, some lack qualified staff to produce quality work. So, creators should shop around and look for the best Denver printing company to get the best printing services. Let’s check the types of printing in the world today.

Screen Printing

This technique is used for printing logos on fabric banners and posters and any other textile out there. The process involves passing paint through the silk or a mesh piece with holes that let ink pass to the print media. The technique can use different colors to produce unique items by the use of separate screens. However, screen printing is best for repeat items needed in large numbers due to its extensive setup process.


This printing method is a modern version of letterpress printing that was popular in later years. Different plates are wrapped around revolving cylinders, and the substrate is put through. Each plate has a unique color and a raised image. Using a high speed, the images are transferred to print media and produce long or medium prints.

Flexography is used to produce printed media posters and label packaging bags. The method uses fast-drying inks and so can do high volume jobs within a short time.

Digital Printing

The technique is used for making posters, signage, labels, letters, and stationery. Digital printing is a modern technique that produces high-volume jobs. Unlike the other old methods, digital printing doesn’t involve plates; instead, the images are sent to the printer via digital files.

This method offers customization of images, thus making them popular to those in the creative sector. Also, it has a quick turnaround, low cost, and produces high-quality images.

Letterpress Printing

It is used for making posters, greeting, and business cards. The technique covers a raised image with ink and then transfers it to the print media. Some time back, the process involved the use of a typesetter to arrange the items. The letterpress method was popularly used for printing newspapers in the mid-twentieth century before the invention of offset printing. However, letterpress technology has gained high momentum in the artistic world.

Offset Printing

Also known as offset lithography, offset printing is used for printing newspapers, brochures, books, magazines, and more. The method involves the use of aluminum printing plates that carries the image to be printed. Each plate has a unique picture/image that is transferred to the print media via rollers or rubber blankets.

Offset printing produces high-quality images at a high rate in a short period and best for creating large prints at a go. Also, the plates used in this technique stay longer since the print media doesn’t contact the metal plates.