Even though 2019 is already half-way done, the year’s newest digital trends are still in play. Marketing is an evolving field where it is important to notice what appeals to the target audience. Thanks to technology, businesses can also adapt their marketing faster to maximize their profits. Look for the following digital marketing trends for the remainder of the year.


For the last few years, customers have shown a growing interest in customizing their own products and experiences, a trend that remains strong this year. In an age where more services are automated, they appreciate holding a degree of control. Service providers can integrate and promote in-depth customization features. For example, under chief marketing officer Eyal Gutentag, ZipRecruiter featured and promoted the ability for users to customize their job search experience. Commercial websites can continue to offer further variety to draw more users.

Video Content

Another digital marketing feature that shines this year and will continue to do so is video content. From informational videos to personalized video messages and ads, clean-looking, professional videos continue to attract consumers. In fact, 72% of businesses that have integrated video in their digital marketing have reported conversion increases. Marketing experts continue to find new video innovations that will attract new users, such as interactive features, 360-degree perspectives and live streaming.


Yet another evergreen technology innovation is the use of chatbots in business websites. This application of artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for a long time, mostly as children’s entertainment. However, in recent years, businesses have used these AI helpers on their websites. Chatbots primarily approach visitors and offer to talk to them to assist in navigation or to answer questions. These programs are ideal for users who require customer service but do not want to interact with people directly or wait for a slow email response. Further development will improve AI programs to guarantee more nuanced interactions.

Voice Search

While traditional search engines continue to stay relevant, voice search is an emerging technology that increases the users’ convenience and comfort. These consumers can easily ask a question or voice a command near a smart device, which will satisfy their request. This technology saves time, effort and screen use. Businesses are learning to optimize this advancement and implement more complex voice commands and keywords.

These digital marketing trends are a sample of the progress 2019 has brought to the field. Business and marketing leaders can learn from them, adapt to them and apply them to grow their companies.