The point is that every business today is trying to embrace the ways that they get ahead of their competition. Where do you spot yourself in this race? Do you think that you are using the advanced ways to get the best talent in your business? Do you feel that you have the best outcomes out of your efforts? 

These days in the 21st century, everyone demands professionals who are concentrated on building unique experiences for their customers and employees and are even partners more than simply expert service providers. They require to be multi-skilled and able of effective collaboration in a growingly diverse and spread out work ecosystem.  It is true that businessmen and recruiters today are looking for the individuals  who have High Potential and they carry out proper procedure to  do High Potential Identification. Of course, once you have a team of people who are high potentials, you can attain a great spot in the landscape of corporate world.

High Potential Employee

The concept of high potentials highlights individuals who continually engage with their peers and with senior leadership of the business to continuously understand the line of sight of work to the business strategy, have a proper point of view and even can see how contributing meaningfully shall help up skill themselves.

Who is Really a High Potential Employee?

Many of you might be thinking about such an employee who is considered as high potential right? Well, A high potential employee is going to typically own the below given traits:

  • The aspiration for taking on each and every responsibility, challenges and even rewards entailed by more serious and senior roles.
  • A proper commitment to advance with a determination to stay with the organization.
  • The capability to efficiently and effectively apply skills to impact work outcomes in a positive manner.

Remember that in the contemporary age, engaging effectively with high potential beings has become top priority. It is because in the present times where knowledge-based Digital individuals are priceless organisational assets in shaping future business strategy, they might influence the course of the growth of the business or company. Engagement with high potential people needs to be continuous otherwise companies or business will lose out down the lane. Managing top talent in a n unwell manner can cripple the ability of an organization to execute the most powerful of business growth strategies.

It is needed to be realised that in the advanced age,  it is important to cater proper autonomy, invest in building mastery and even ensure the top talent works with an intellect of purpose to be individually future ready and make the business or organization as well so.

How to Find the High Potential Employees?

The digital economy, hence, has shot talent development into being a crucial agenda for corporates across the world. To be in a position to successfully transition into a successful one, companies will need to make sure that their people agenda is concentrated on the development of employees who have showcased potential to assume challenges foreseen not in simply today’s business context, but even tomorrow, with a purpose of building future ready leaders. Such are the employees that are mostly referred to as high potential beings or hipos, an acronym for staff members with ‘High Potential’.

Traits of High Potential Employees

Passion is the firmest indicator of a high potential affiliation with a business or brand, as those with dim levels of engagement are susceptible to having lower degrees of commitment and incline to move out sooner or later. These high potential people having a high degree of passion might be considered ‘Culture Champions’ as they take the all-inclusive enterprise story to all main stakeholders. A high potential employee or staff member is going to typically possess the below mentioned traits:

Businesses or companies that have a good high potential program will reflect indicators encompassing mature performance management processes wherein employees and line leaders involve in periodic dialogue to understand context of the contributions that is expected, on the beliefs and strategic intention of the organization making use of internal case studies and that of real time experiences. They make use of job rotations whereby high potential professionals are reassigned on at least a half-time basis to different roles in other teams or functional units, carry out sessions with senior leadership and cater a good mentorship program as portion of the program.

They Love What They Do!

In essence-high-potential employees are the ones who like what they really do, wish to do more, always go the additional mile, and witness a future for themselves in the organization. Moreover, since they have their unique characteristics, keeping high-potential employees engaged is more crucial, but also a bit more stimulating. They might be easily disillusioned by poor management and even a lack of opportunities for growth. And they might also more easily search employment elsewhere if they decide to jump ship.

You have to remember that identifying high-potential employees or staff members is an important step in any type of succession management or leadership development plan. It is sad that just nine percent of human resource and talent management professionals do reply to survey they say they had a systematic process in place to find out or identify high-potential employees.  The huge majority (eighty six percent) said that they had a “most of the times informal” or “blend of systematic and formal” process to discover high-potential employees.  Rightly identifying high-potential employees in a formal, that of systematic fashion can help target individual development plans for talent pool, and construct consistency and credibility across the organization.

Once you own good employees who have high potential, you can be sure that you have a set of assets that is going to take your business to places.  It is high time that you look for the high potential identification India ways and ensure that you hunt for employees who have high potential.


So, when are you going to make the right choices for your staff? Make sure that you have the high potential work force to get your business the desired goals achieved.