There are a lot of things to consider when launching a new product. Between costs, sourcing, and marketing it might seem overwhelming. White labeling your product streamlines and simplifies the process so you can get going with your product launch.

Find Your Manufacturer

First, you need to find a reputable manufacturer to rely on for a consistent supply of well-made products. Make sure you feel comfortable and can easily get a hold of them when needed. Customer service might matter more than the products themselves when establishing a relationship. Always ask about where they source materials from and what methods they use to make their products. Your manufacturer should be transparent and trustworthy. Different manufacturers may have different minimum order requirements and price options depending on how much material you are ordering. When considering costs involved, make sure to ask what is included and if they provide any bottle and labeling services.

Test Out Samples

Once you are comfortable and feel secure moving forward with a manufacturer, you will want to try their products out yourself before selling them to others. Ask if it is possible to send samples of the products to test out. This will help you truly determine the quality of the products and experience how the ordering process will be with your new manufacturer. Once you try the products you are interested in white labeling, you can narrow down your product line and get excited to launch.

Sell Your Products

Prepare for your product launch with high-quality product images to advertise. You can digitally create mockups of your products or have professional pictures taken of the physical products. Upload the pictures to your website and determine how you will be selling your products. If you are selling your products online, make sure your e-commerce platform is set up on a secure platform and ready to accept payments. For physical storefronts, set up a POS system and spend time organizing product displays. Make sure to advertise the launch of your products and spread the word as much as possible ahead of time.

Now you can avoid becoming overwhelmed with the steps involved in selling your new products. Once you decide to white label your products with a trustworthy manufacturer, setting up your product launch will be a truly exciting process.