The International Air Transport Association (IATA) offers a professional identification card for airline industry transportation professionals. You can receive this IATAN card through The License Company to show that you belong to the world airlines trade association. IATA represents 290 airlines, which translates to about 83 percent of all air traffic.

Many Membership Benefits

Your membership in IATA grants you access to, where you can search for suppliers and travel agent offers. The IATAN card shows hotels that you qualify for up to:

  • 30 percent discount at more than 100,000 hotels,
  • 10 percent gift card discount,
  • 50 percent discount on merchandise,
  • 50 percent discount on IATA training,
  • Varied discounts at more than 300,000 North American merchants,
  • $35,000 travel accident protection for accidental death & dismemberment.

Your card also gets you instant approval on CheckACode and membership in the UATP Insider’s Club, which gets you extra benefits when you travel by air, train, or cruise line.

Digital ID Card

Don’t worry if you forget your ID card at home. You can log into the Agent Experience app to access your ID card in digital format. You can also use the tap-to-share feature to email suppliers your digital ID card.

Exclusive Travel Information

Every travel offer listed in the app also includes Timatic COVID-19 regulations with the latest travel restrictions. You can peruse travel offers in a map view that provides you with a big picture view that lets you track how you might travel using various offers or connecting flights.