Listen to or read our employees’ stories, visit the benefits page, and get to the heart of what matters most to this company focused on services in the Cloud, and you may be surprised. Unlike most businesses, they have not had to pivot to employees working remotely from home.

MCA Connect Spells Success with its People

Their employees have always come first. When people are put first by the company, their people pay it forward to their customers. This is how MCA Connect spells success.

What Does it Mean to Be Successful?

Everyone has different ideas. Different ways of doing things. But in a business focused on helping service industries, oil & gas, and manufacturing industries find specific solutions to their operations through technology, it’s important to have experienced professionals in your corner.

The most successful people, in business and in life, find a sense of purpose in their work. For them, the money that comes with success is a bonus or a tangible acknowledgment of the work they’ve done.

There are two sides to every coin. Just like there are unsuccessful people who have not ‘made it’ for one reason or another, there are successful people. These are the employees you want to lead your teams and drive your business forward.

  • How you define career success?
  • Are your passions, purpose, and principles aligned? Do you feel connected to your work?
  • Do you have the strength to lead, to make the hard decisions, and at the same time to understand the people around you? Are you connected on a human level with your colleagues, clients, and C-suite executives?

Houston, We Have Lift Off

Admit it. When you hear the words, ‘Houston, we…’ You immediately fill it in with ‘…have a problem.’ This is where our mind goes first. It goes straight to the problem, not the solution. And that is not a good recipe for success in any endeavor.

As you grow in your career, whether you join the ranks of the analytics teams, the ERP professionals, or business intelligence, there is a clear progression. A path to follow and people to learn from up and down the career ladder.

Successful employees are always learning, always growing, always on the lookout for new projects. Keeping employees engaged is vital for a successful business. More and more employers are offering opportunities to learn from other teams in other locations or virtual consulting and working from home options. This is part of our core business structure and why we know that the best way for us to spell success is by making sure we have the right people in the right place at the right time.

Business decisions can sometimes have a singular focus on the bottom line, but we’re about solutions to specific problems. Helping us find those solutions are our small, around 200 manpower band of employees, located worldwide.

Career success is one element toward a stronger workforce and experienced professionals can help your business realize its own success. When we’re successful, you’re successful, and that is our bottom line.