The world’s relationship with cannabis is almost as old as time itself. The love is still in that relationship, especially now as the finer uses of cannabis and CBD are coming into focus. Plus too there are fewer legal hurdles for research and application. 

But though that relationship with cannabis isn’t going away, it is changing. 

The consumption of cannabis flowers used to be the prime market in the US. But now, the market is shifting the balance towards extracts and oils. People don’t just want to feel good. They want to feel better, as the medical and self-help industries really highlight the medicinal properties of cannabis. 

Mohammed Ali Rashid and ENTEXS Take on the Challenge of Streamlined Extraction

That’s all good and well, but it takes an entirely different set of equipment and budget to get cannabis extracts that are market-ready. Speed without extra cost is what’s called for, and that means moving towards streamlined extraction. 

Changing Times, Changing Approaches

Mohammed Ali Rashid and ENTEXS have been able to both create the vision and innovate the implementation of streamlined extraction. And it’s not just a case of getting products out to the public faster. 

Hemp products are now being held to food-grade standards, which calls for very high levels of quality control. It also calls for measures that ensure minimal contamination. 

Mohammed Ali Rashid and ENTEXS have demonstrated that the best way to keep up with demand and still jump through all the hoops is automation. Automated extraction means that the product will be delivered in a consistent fashion at a predictable level of quality. 

The Tools of Streamlined Extraction

Mohammed Ali Rashid and ENTEXS have shown us a few pieces of the technology that can straighten the line between the harvested plant and the vial of CBD oil. 

ENTEXS’ machines are programmable, allowing recurring routines to be set in a continuous loop without interruption, like a metronome. Sensors monitor the quality of the operation and make adjustments as needed. 

This produces the consistency that is particularly called for in the medical industry. Like diabetics that depend on their insulin to be of a consistent grade and quality, people that depend on cannabis extracts and byproducts expect their medicine to be consistent in the same manner. That’s what Mohammed Ali Rashid and ENTEXS are locked in on. 

Also, if everything is tested and monitored while it’s being processed, then that reduces exposure to the environment to another degree.

Keeping People in The Equation

Streamlined extraction will not eliminate jobs. It will actually create more opportunities in the industry. Automated machines are like oxen plowing the fields. They can do most of the work by themselves, but they still need someone to tell them when to turn, or when to stop at the fences. 

One of the big opportunities will be caring for the maintenance and repair of the automated equipment. Such machinery has yet to be capable of repairing itself. Mohammed Ali Rashid is already tackling that aspect of the industry. “We go out of our way to over-communicate with our customers, providing the support and access they need to keep their business running.”