When a hurricane is barrelling onto shore, you have to be concerned with several elements. You require personal supplies for nourishment and safety. You also want to be sure to stock up on entertainment, especially when kids are in the home. Those little minds are likely to require more distraction than usual. To be fully prepared, then, be sure to do the following five things.

Preparing Your Family for a Hurricane

1. Fortify the Home

Before the storm comes ashore, take the time to protect your home from damage. Board up windows, use sandbags to create a barrier from moisture and relocate objects that wind could pick up. Bring in lawn furniture, toys and garbage cans as they could quickly fly around your yard or into your neighbors.

2. Check With Insurance

Speak with your insurer about your hurricane policy, especially if you have flood insurance Maitland FL. Know what to do if damage occurs and how to file a claim to gain coverage.

3. Stock Up on Games

Little kids could easily get scared during a storm. They require distractions to ease their worries. Board games are a great way to keep them occupied and avoid thinking about the wind and rain. Have several different ones so that you can change out throughout the day. A bonus is that they don’t require electricity, so as long as you have some light, you are good to go!

4. Pick Up Food and Water

Have plenty of family-friendly snacks on hand to keep those little tummies full and content. You could indulge in some of their favorite cookies or crackers: items that last without refrigeration and make for a special treat during a frightening time. You can combine these choices with applesauce packets, oranges or grapes. These fruits stay for a bit without having to remain cold.

Have your main staples when word of a storm comes in; plus, think of a few other things. You want to consider not just home protection but ways to keep you and others happy and busy.