Financial advice is the first thing you need put on the list because the recent election has affected the way you do your business, charity or even spendings. The short version is that if you have a significant money riding on something and you plan to make huge out of it then you need to read what’s next or you are doomed.

President Trump: Financial Sustainability & Reform

President Trump: Financial Sustainability & Reform

What To Expect and The Reaction Of Investors

Predicting duration & the right time, the investors always has been very slow and dull, but this time things have changed this time around. After the president said that the financial world is about to change, it has affected many investors and recorded the highest rise in shares and market in bell U.S. exchanges were trading flat. Nothing is relevant anymore, but the duration matters in the end.

Markets are feared of the overnight changed coming to Markets, but the fact is the over changing is no longer irrelevant, and it has become an unpredictable fortune for everyone. There will be global conflict over the business trade and what comes in and goes out will be judged at this point.

Campaign is What Matters Now & Party Control of Congress

The former president before Obama had the privilege to assign and work with the team of the house of six for almost eight years of his term and he has Republican-controlled Senate. The George.W.Bush offered tax cuts of 2001 and 2006 which were curtailed. The negotiations were unable to privatize Social Security, which was the Greatest disappointments of the Presidency.

President Trump: Financial Sustainability & Reform

Let’s look at what Mr. Obama has offered and his proposed during his 8-year term.

  • For three months in the year of 2009 – 2011 his party bill (Obama Care) was in the houses of Congress, and despite all of his efforts to make it happen was tied to the committee. The aftermath was very much visible because the outcome of it was less than what he asked the people to envision.
  • During the campaign of the USA: Trump, he said: ” I will make sure to take back the jobs which the Govt has shipped to other countries, and I will be the job creator of all time.”. President Trump will make sure that to unwind NAFTA, and also punish using laws for taking away the jobs from the US people. The USA market will undoubtedly rise if Trump manages to make it the way he planned or said.


NAFTA deal is a disaster, almost everyone in the country knows that. The awareness was brought up because Trump used it in his campaign term. Running a campaign and implementing it is difficult. There is no doubt that the markets will effect because it depends on how you play your ball in the market.

Evidently, we know that the Market is unpredictable and can be turned around overnight if the President wishes too, especially when it is a businessman. Do you think we have missed the point or what are your thoughts on the next gen market?

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