LINQ is the revolution that the markets needs in today’s world. It is a supermarket of internet that has all the services gathered onto a single brick and mortar store. It has enabled the people to get access every service at a single place. Besides helping the customers, LINQ Stores has also enabled budding entrepreneurs and young businessmen and women to take their first step towards opening their own venture. It is not only providing a single stop to all our needs but also opening up new doors of opportunities to those who are seeking it.

LINQ has enabled people to start businesses with the least of investment. With the help of them a number of individuals have their own business and the customers have a better shopping experience. The excellent logistic support and the customer care have grabbed a lot of eyeballs in the offline store market. Unline the competitors, LINQ definitely has a higher ground. Let’s discuss the different types of businesses which has benefited from this startup.


Shopping has definitely become easier after the introduction of online shopping sites. But like every other new invention they too have their limitations and it is time that thry upgraded. The popularity of shopping sites has led to the rise of a number of sites and that has perplexed the customers.

To buy a single product one has to skip between sites and compare the prices and even after that, buy the stuff based on just the description. This concept is being changed by LINQ. These offline stores not only help the customer buy the right product but also get a feel of the product. This has been a refreshing change for the  shoppers who are lacking the knowledge about smart products.

Travel desk

Tourism has flourished at an exponential rate and it has led to an era of establishing a number of travel agencies. These travel agencies often offer attractive packages and they function in basically the same manner as the online shopping sites. LINQ brings all of them together at a single point and helps us access them without any hassle. The professional LINQ salesmen assists the customers to choose the best travel package.


When the entire market is shifting to an online platform, why not the furniture stores. This has enabled the furniture business to reach out to a wide customer base and has enabled the customer to buy their furniture without running from store to store which offers a varied range of choices. All of these have been brought closer by LINQ and now the customers can enlist the help of the LINQ salesmen to choose the best set of furniture.


Pharmacy stores, like the other businesses, has also taken to the online form. The usual limitations of the general pharmacy stores to not have particular medicines in store, is solved by Netmeds which has partnered with LINQ. Whatever medicine or supplies the customer needs, it is fulfilled by the number of online stores and it is ensured that the customer gets their supplies without having to pay any extra fee.

LINQ stores, with their easy return features and no extra delivery fees, they have taken the online business to a whole new level. They have made the easy easier. It has created a new stream of opportunities and has empowered the customers to opt for shopping online. They are the potential game changers in this era of online markets.