Security systems are beneficial for both commercial and residential settings. Technology makes being able to monitor your business or home highly efficient and effective. You can do this through a wide variety of platforms. You can also count on advanced systems to deliver quality results. These systems help to make your home look occupied at all times, light up your entrances, taking advantage of deadbolt locks and pin locks on windows, and concealing your home alarm wiring.

Cellular Monitoring

Cellular monitoring enables you to monitor what is going on at your home or business that is provided through the 3G-4G network. All this is done using cellular communicators.

Commercial Security Systems

More integrity is now added to the system. You do not need to worry about your signal being interrupted. All security features will be accessible directly from your cell phone.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are a must-have to protect businesses and homes. Video surveillance has indeed evolved. You can count on above exceptional quality equipment as well as above-average functionality that you can use on multiple applications.

Commercial Security Systems

With video surveillance, you can count on:

  • Video live streaming on a tablet, computer, or smartphone
  • Multi-site solution
  • On-site video recorders
  • Custom installations
  • IT support (24 hours)
  • Notifications via text message or email (when a camera is triggered)

Environmental Sensors

Leaking pipes, broken pipes, and even water heaters that burst can cause substantial damage. Water sensors are amazing to have to help you get notified in the event of a problem. Many water sources are located both inside and outside of your home that can result in flooding.

Commercial Security Systems

Temperature sensors can also be installed to notify you of any extreme rising or falling water temperatures resulting from power outages or even frozen pipes. Sensors can be programmed to alert the Central Monitoring Station if an emergency were to happen.

Temperature Screening Systems

Temperature screening systems provide all of the following:

Commercial Security Systems

  • Enables a safe working environment
  • Protects your company against lawsuits and liabilities
  • Cameras detect only human skin-surface temperatures
  • Safe screening that is rapid and effective for visitors and employees using touch-free access
  • High sensitivity sensors
  • 3D DNR image detail enhancement

Other Security Options

You can also take advantage of a monitored fire alarm system that is compatible with your alarm system. Smoke sensors in your home are important to have. These systems will alert the Central Monitoring Stating on the event of a fire.

Commercial Security Systems

Custom burglar alarm systems are also important to have. They are designed to protect you and your family. Whether you have an existing alarm system or need an entirely new system, they can both be programmed or reprogrammed to work with other monitoring systems. Upgrades are also available to existing alarm systems for added security.

You can learn more about commercial security systems Denver and how these security systems can benefit your home and business.