Everyone has seen some version of the same engagement ring now for the last several years. Even if you go into the stores, it’s the same thing in various versions. When you get engaged, you already know you want something that no one else is wearing. It has to be nice, not some o ring from your betrothed, maybe like some of these:


Emma Stone just showed off her new engagement ring. It’s a single pearl ringed by small diamonds. Simple, elegant and absolutely unique, this is the perfect ring for delicate hands.

Semiprecious Stones

Diamonds as the focal point are so passe’ and overdone. There are so many semiprecious stones that are beautiful and one-of-a-kind. This ring features a cushion-cut green chalcedony cabochon with diamonds in the band.

Colored Gold with Opals

Rose gold has had a revival lately, but did you know that there is strawberry gold? This ring features an opal ringed with diamonds and offset with other colored gemstones set in strawberry gold. You won’t see one of these everywhere you turn.


Sapphires are not only gorgeous but they are said to symbolize faithfulness and sincerity when used in an engagement ring. One of the most well-known sapphire engagement rings is the one that belonged to Princess Diana. It later became the engagement ring for Kate Middleton, the future wife of Diana’s son William.


A truly unique, choice, this baguette cut watermelon tourmaline set in 18-carat gold is the essence of femininity. It is surrounded by multicolored pave-set tourmalines in shades from clear to deep rose. If you are looking for a head-turning ring, this is definitely it.

Unusual Settings

There are many rings that have different stones but with traditional settings. However, for something different, some designers have started creating bands to look like twigs, rope and other materials. Pick your stone and have it set in an unexpected setting.