A hospital needs more than just surgeons, physicians and nurses to operate. Hundreds of people work together to provide quality care. Consider the varied positions of hospital workers.

Charge Validation Reviewer

The job of charge validation reviewers, or charge review specialists, is to audit and review patients’ medical records to ensure that all billing charges are correct.


Hospital cooks or chefs provide healthy meals to patients. These kitchen workers must be informed of specific patient dietary restrictions and the proper way to create an allergen-free preparation space.


Phlebotomists draw blood from a patient for the purpose of analyzing it. They also perform blood transfusions and help with blood donations.


Cytotechnologists prepare and analyze tissue samples to see if disease is present. This position is critical in the early diagnosis and treatment of diseases.


When patients need assistance with basic care, such as taking medication, bathing, and getting dressed, certified nursing assistants are often the people who help.

Wound-Care Specialist

Wound-care specialists extract infected tissue so the body can begin the healing process. These professionals will often go to the homes of patients to treat them.

Environmental Service Technician

The best way to prevent infection is to maintain a sanitized environment. Hospital cleaning staff will disinfect operation rooms, hospital rooms, and laundry facilities.


Often referred to as “candy stripers” in the United States, hospital volunteers clean, file paperwork, or visit with patients. The duties of volunteers are varied and performed under the supervision of nurses.

Medical Director

Medical directors are physicians who monitor the overall quality of care given by the clinical staff. Directors develop hospital policies and procedures, assist with patient complaints and manage other physicians.

This is just a sampling of the jobs available in hospitals. From volunteer to medical director, every position is essential.