Research shows that 50% of small businesses close their doors during the first five years. A primary factor in their failure is the lack of a marketing strategy. The plumbing industry is no exception. As a plumber, you offer a vital service to your community, but no one will call you if they don’t know you exist. You don’t need to hire an expensive marketing firm to get your name out there: using the internet to promote your business is easy and inexpensive. Here are three tips to get you started.

Build Your Online Presence

Step one is to register your plumbing business on Google and other search engines. The internet is the first place potential customers will look for a local plumbing service and it’s essential that your business is among those that appear on search engines. Step two is to create a website and set up a Facebook page. If you haven’t created a website before, use a website building service to guide you through this process. Both the website and the Facebook page should contain your name and logo, your contact information, your accreditations, lists of the services you provide and the locations you serve and customer testimonials of your work. You should also demonstrate the breadth of your knowledge by creating blog posts or YouTube videos for your website that address common plumbing problems.

Advertise Using Call-Only Ads

In addition to establishing a solid online presence, you need to advertise. A large percentage of your customer base probably consists of individuals with plumbing emergencies and call-only ads are an excellent way to reach them. The ads appear only on devices that are able to make calls and, when clicked on, result in a call to your number instead of a link to a website. If you’re concerned that you may miss out on leads because you’re not always able to answer your phone, you can set up a call answering service that provides 24-hour customer support.

Make Use of Customer Reviews

Call-only ads are a good way of targeting customers with emergencies, but what about those who are looking for someone to conduct maintenance or install plumbing? Reviews written by current clients offer a way to tell these individuals about the reliability of your services and the quality of your work. If you know that a customer is pleased, politely ask them if they could write a review that you could post on your website or Facebook page.

A marketing strategy is paramount to the success of your plumbing business. You work hard to provide an important service to your city and you want potential clients to know about it! If you use the three tips above you will be on your way to success.