March is arguably the best month to travel as the onset of Spring season, and the lasting chill of winters make the perfect weather for travelling. The pleasant weather, lush greenery and clear skies add picturesque beauty to terrains all across the country.

Thanks to India’s rich diversity, you can visit beaches, mountains, hill stations, and booming metro cities- there’s something for everyone! Moreover, the prevalence of travel loans has made it even easier to make a quick getaway from the monotonous daily life.

Places in India to Travel in March

Are you looking to take a vacation in March, but can’t decide on the perfect destination? Worry not, as we have collated a list of the top vacation spots in India. Here are some of the most magnificent holiday destinations you can enjoy during March.

Enjoy the Shigmo festival in Goa

Goa, the most popular holiday destination amongst the Indian youth, is known for its sprawling, sparkling beaches and happening nightlife. However, you can enjoy its lesser-known festivities with the vibrant Shigmo festival, held in the month of March. This is the perfect time for you to catch the less-crowded train or flight to Goa and revel in the gorgeous parades and folk dances.

Shigmo festival in Goa

The festival goes on for a fortnight, so you will have ample time to take part in the festivities and enjoy the more well-known vacation spots in Goa.

Sikkim – the hidden valley of rice

Are you a mountain lover who enjoys snow-capped peaks and chilly weather? Then Sikkim is as picturesque as it gets.

Sikkim - the hidden valley of rice

Adorned with the imposing Himalayan peaks, sparkling waterfalls, surreal views and Tibetan monasteries, this is the perfect time to visit Sikkim and enjoy the Lampokhari Paryatan Mahotsav.

Wayanad, Kerala 

Are you looking to get a break from the hustle-bustle of everyday life? Unwind in the peaceful and tranquil environment of this quaint hill station in Kerala. Situated in proximity to the Western Ghats, this place is perfect for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, and you may even run into a Leopard or a Bear in your wildlife safari!

Wayanad, Kerala 

Moreover, you can easily get competitive personal loans to travel to Kerala and explore your adventurous side through trekking and hiking.


Discover your roots at the mystic ghats of Varanasi. You can watch the majestic Ganga Aarti and participate in the Mahashivratri celebrations.


You can also go on sightseeing tours and celebrate Holi with utmost enthusiasm near the Ganges. See the temples, rituals, and traditional aartis from up close at Varanasi.


 If you want to take a vacation, there is no better time than March, as the weather is perfect and the current travel loan interest rates are highly affordable.

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Personal travel finance is a great way to finance your vacation and can be repaid easily. So, why hesitate? Pack your bags and get ready to go!