Small businesses that are expanding into new locations and service areas can face special challenges. You need to establish a presence and brand awareness in the new communities your business will be serving. Adding a virtual phone number can help.

You Can Customize the Number

Customized numbers are a great way to add a local identity to your business, even if your offices are located in another area. With virtual phone lines, you can customize a second phone number that is tailored to a specific geographic region. Choose an area code and exchange that is common in the neighborhoods you want to serve, and let the calls ring directly to your cell phone no matter where you are. A catchy vanity number can also make it easier for people to remember it, and get in touch with you.

They Are Very Portable

If you want to be able to take your business calls with you anywhere you have cell service, then a virtual number could be an ideal fit. As you are spending a good deal of time on the road, getting established in a new neighborhood, you can still answer calls in a professional manner. And since all calls can ring directly to your existing phone, you won’t have to add an extra phone to your belt or bag.

Calls Can Go To Multiple Team Members

Another great benefit that can help you create a local presence is that your calls can be set to automatically ring to several team members. This allows everyone to see who is calling and who might be the best person to answer. When you are working in geographically diverse areas, something as simple as an area code can be enough of a signal to send the call a certain way.

Remote Receptionists Can Field Messages

For times when there is no one to answer the call, a virtual receptionist can maintain the professional appearance of your company and handle messages. Because no one wants to get a voicemail when they call a business. Giving callers the chance to interact with an actual person instead of a machine sends a signal that you are serious about providing great customer service.

Creating a local presence can be crucial to growing your business in a new area. It is especially important for service-oriented businesses. When people search for a service like a plumber or a repair shop, they don’t want to call an office across the state or, even worse, in another one. The convenience and customizable features of a virtual phone line offer an affordable solution to help you grow and expand.