The charges on your utility bills seem to grow every year. A way to lower your costs on these expenses is to make your home more energy efficient. Here are a few improvements that you can accomplish to do this.



If you own an older home, call a home window replacement san francisco company to give you an estimate to replace your windows with ones that are more efficient. If your house has been recently constructed, add a strip of caulk around each one to seal up any cracks that might have appeared. These cracks let air seep through which can raise or lower your utility bill.


Replace your thermostat with one that is digital so that you are able to program when your furnace or air conditioner run while you are absent. Drop or raise the temperature in your house while you are gone to conserve energy. Lower the degrees in the room in the winter and raise it during the summer while you are there by a few degrees to reduce your bill significantly.

Water Usage

Install low flow heads on your showers to restrict the water that comes from them. Turn the faucet off as you do things that require little water at that moment like washing dishes or brushing your teeth. Turn it back on when you need it. This keeps excess water from flowing down the drain and reserves it.

Phone Chargers

A simple task that is often forgotten is to pull the plug on the charger for your phone when you are finished with it. It will still draw electricity even if the phone is taken off it. While it may seem like it is a little bit, if you always have your cord plugged into the wall the amount of energy you waste will add up. Roll your cord up and lay it somewhere where you can easily find it when you need it again.