Thousands of business come and go every year, but there are few which remain in the market despite having fewer funds and some of them do not even have funds to run the company. Still, they get attention from the customers and of course sales that help them makes plenty of money within a matter of months.

Years of practice performed on the floor to get the results for the company behalf and years of experience put on the table for the business to make it to the success is the story every start-up company invest and expect from the team. However, the story is that the companies with bigger names and had success in the past are failing.

Did you know that your content or the product can make millions if you have done any of the tricks which I'm about to reveal without investing.

If you are assuming that we are taking this to another shore, then you are wrong. There is business who have started up few months and the people behind it do not belong to the industry, but they are making profits without much investment, want to know how? Then read the next paragraph.

What Are The Powerful Ways To Market Yourself

Crazy Marketing Without Any Investment

Well, one of the major aspects of any business is that to make profits without any investment and we all know that the companies cannot get any work unless they do advertising. Well, there is another way around, you can advertise and also grab attention worldwide by uploading a viral video on Social media and video portals.

Viral Content gets more attention than the paid ones. All you need a kickass idea which is not only Decent also crazy, which is the easiest way to get followers and sales.

Social Media & Google, Yahoo & Bing Ads

The truth is that many businesses like Nike, Verizon, Apple and other companies are advertising on mentioned platforms than TV ADS. If you can put up some money then, you can sell your products or promote your brand on the Social media campaigns, Google Ads and pay per click ads with a tiny investment.

Did you know that even people like local musicians and restaurants have started to get more attention from these platforms that the TV ADS.

Contest & Giveaway

Recently, I have spoken to a local store where they have said that many customers have ended up buying more clothes and stuff from the warehouse, which has broken the previous year records because the small store had Giveaway of an iPhone 7.

That’s not all, recently a Youtuber called “Mo Vlogs” had 20k subs per day but after he announced iPhone 7 giveaway his subscribers had increased 35k per day, which is huge for a Youtuber. We have seen that on both Virtual world and ground level work sales increased 40% on each end’s, which makes a lot of difference for many of you for sure/


Thinking out of the box is the crucial way in any business, even if you are an experienced person or a newbie or else you have struggled to reach your goals. You think we have missed anything in the list then do let us know what you think about it.

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