The location of an industrial facility has always been critical. Companies are quickly realizing the value and benefits of a successful facility site, as well as the drawbacks of choosing an unfavorable facility location.

Here are the many reasons why a facility’s location matters:

Attracting and Retaining Talent

An organization’s location needs to be in a choice area where it can draw the best talent. In most circumstances, this will imply a placement in the city core. Cities are attracting a growing number of youthful and multinational residents who are well-educated and possess great work experience. Establishing an industrial facility in such locations gives an organization easy access to such talent.


Companies with a network of interconnected businesses may have access to a better and larger talent pool, as well as regulatory authorities, investors, and economies of scale. However, this could be costly, so it’s important that an organization weighs the benefits and drawbacks before reaching a decision.

Government Incentives

State and national jurisdictions sometimes offer incentives such as free-trade zones, tax reimbursements, and payroll rebates to companies to encourage the establishment of manufacturing facilities, since it facilitates economic growth and creates employment. Organizations stand to benefit greatly by establishing their facilities in such areas.

Customer Proximity

Setting up shop in a more convenient location for clients or prospects may benefit both the business and its customers. Firms, for example, are able to respond more quickly to problems and address them more quickly. As a result of increased customer service, consumers are happier and retention rates are higher. Firms boost visibility and acquire a sharper perspective of their market by establishing sites closer to clients.

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