As you create an emergency plan, your first thoughts may not be the emergency lighting. During a catastrophic event or emergency, poor lighting could cause devastating results. Emergency lighting provides a means for employees and guests to evacuate your building. Here is why you need emergency lights.

Power Outages

Throughout the year, about 70 percent of businesses go through a power outage. Often, these outages occur due to storms. A power outage can hurt a business in several ways. However, the most crucial concern that you should have is over those within the building during a power outage. When you own a business, it is your responsibility to ensure that everyone inside is safe. During a power outage, if you don’t have emergency lighting, people may have difficulty entering or exiting the building.

Business needs emergency lights

Emergency lights are typically battery operated so that they can operate no matter the outage. The fixtures can run on power when there is still power to the building but will change to battery power in the case of an emergency.

Clear Paths

During an emergency, people will be in a panic to leave the building. Even with a plan in place, you can guarantee that there will be individuals rushing to find the exits. If the emergency lighting is faulty, guests may end up lost or trapped. Likewise, people could end up tripping over obstacles or suffering injuries due to trips and falls. With the right emergency lighting Rockland County NY businesses rely on, you can trust that your employees and guests have a clear evacuation plan.

Business needs emergency lights

Without emergency lights, your business could end up in darkness during an emergency. You have to have your exits and entrances lit up so that your guests and employees can find their way out of a building in case the power is cut.