Canara Bank Credit Cards – Details, Eligibility to Apply

Canara Bank designs a wide variety of credit cards to meet the moderate and modern lifestyle. The customers can select the credit card as would suit their requirements. Canara Bank brings multiple Classic and Gold cards. Canara bank also released Corporate Credit Card considering the requirements of the corporate companies or its employees. Let’s take a look at the best credit card from Canara Bank.

Canara Bank credit card

Canara Bank Credit Cards – Types of Credit Cards to Apply Online:

1. Canara Bank Visa Classic/MasterCard Standard Credit Card:

Canara Bank designs Visa Classic/MasterCard Standard Credit Card to meet the moderate lifestyle requirements of the customers. The bank equips the card with multiple numbers of features and benefits to meet the financial requirements. You can use the card globally and make purchases with assurance on financial security. Canara Bank offers 24X7 customer care service for the cardholders to solve the

The cardholders will get complimentary accident insurance for air crash of Rs 4 lakhs for the cardholder and Rs 2 Lakhs for the spouse. For death due to any other reason, the cardholders get insurance cover of Rs 2 lakhs and Rs 1 lakh for the spouse. You will also get up to Rs 25000 insurance cover for lost baggage during travels. On spending Rs 100 using the card, every time the cardholder will earn two reward points. You can redeem the reward points for purchasing gifts or anything else.

The cardholders get exclusive offers on making premium payments for an insurance policy with M/S United India Insurance Company. You can use the card for fuel filling and get 2.5% fuel surcharge to waive off on purchasing fuel of Rs 400 and above. You can save up to Rs 100 per month on making transaction of at least Rs 2500 for fuel purchase. Canara Bank provides a minimum credit limit of Rs 10000 for the card. But, the cardholder can customize the credit limit depending on the annual income. You are eligible to avail 30% credit limit on the annual income. The bank charges up to 3% conversion mark up for foreign currency transaction. You don’t need to pay for card replacement. If you fail to make the payment, the bank will charge 2% interest rate on the overdue amount.

The cardholders can avail up to 50% of the credit limit as for cash advance with maximum withdrawal up to Rs 50000. Canara Bank charges 3% for cash advance transaction at Canara Bank ATMs or Rs 30 for every Rs 1000. You need not pay joining or annual fee for availing the card. There are no charges for availing add-on cards as well. The applicant must go through the eligibility criteria and follow the process of applying.

2. Canara Bank Gold Credit Card:

Canara Bank designed the Gold Credit Card to meet the varying requirements of the elite class in the society. The cardholders will experience an upgraded level of luxury and comfort with the card. The Gold card gets globally accepted. Canara Bank designed the card with high-level security features to ensure a safe transaction. The card consists an EVM chip that fully secures the card.

Canara Bank offers interest-free period up to 50 days. The bank doesn’t charge an enrollment fee, and the one-time issuance charge is Rs 250 + service charges. The applicable interest rate if you fail to make the payment within the grace period is 2.5% monthly or 30% annually. The cardholders can use the card globally, and they get easy cash withdrawal facility across all ATMs. The bank won’t charge a fee for card replacement. The cardholders also get a complimentary insurance cover for accidental death, and this package is also applicable to the cardholder’s spouse.

The bank charges a minimum repayment fee of 5% on the revolving credit. The cash withdrawal fee is 3% and Rs 30 is the minimum charge for every Rs 1000. You have to pay Rs 400 to deactivate the card. The service charge applies for any delayed payment is 2%. 18% GST applies to the fees as per the revised norms.

The cardholders will earn two reward points on spending Rs 100 on the card. M/S United India Insurance Company provides Mediclaim policies to the cardholders at competitive premiums. The cardholders will get a grace period of 20-50 days on making the premium payments using the credit card. The card users also get a complimentary insurance coverage against the lost baggage up to Rs 25000. You can withdraw cash up to 50% of the credit limit using the card. You can also avail add-on cards for your family members. Canara Bank doesn’t charge an annual fee on any premium credit card. The cardholders also enjoy 2.5% fuel surcharge waiver on using the credit card for purchasing fuel above Rs 400. Canara Bank offers 24X7 customer care services.

The applicant must meet the eligibility criteria to avail the Gold Card. The Gold Card is suitable for the individuals having an annual income of Rs 2 Lakhs. You would require providing the copies of the documents as applicable while applying for the credit card. The age limit for eligibility is 21-60 years. The applicant must have a regular and steady source of income.