Bandhan Bank is an Indian Bank that got ranked as the 8th largest bank in 2018 for its market capital. Bandhan Bank spreads over 22 states and 2000 locations across the country. The bank is committed to providing excellent banking services and facilities to its customers. Let’s learn about the bank’s role in the credit card industry.


About Bandhan Bank Kisan Credit Card:

Bandhan Bank took initiatives to help the farming community of the country with its special banking services and offerings. It introduced Bandhan Bank Kisan Credit Card designed to suit the varying requirements of the farmers. The farmers can avail the credit card and fulfill their cultivation requirements. Bandhan bank offers special credit facilities to the farmers to continue their professional and personal life without any hassles.

Apart from farmers, any person interested in agriculture or livestock can apply for the credit card. The minimum eligible age limit is 23 years and the maximum age limit is 60 years. The applicant can avail the credit card providing security (holding details). The cardholders can avail loan up to Rs 3 lakhs for farming requirements. The interest rate is around 12% per annum. You need to visit the bank with a valid ID card, income proof, documents to showcase ownership of agricultural land and photograph. You have to fill up an application form, and the bank would analyze everything before releasing the credit card.