If you keep searching the waves of web for the finance related stuff, then you might have come across many articles in which are given an advice to not to use the credit card. All the finance experts say so. There are many people who just don’t care to the advice of finance experts and thus end up in the hell of debt, and ultimately, the problems.


Those out of you who blame the credit card for such poor situations, then wait, just blame your way of using the credit card. There are many people who use the credit cards very well, and thus, admire the credit card feature. If you are wondering that why we are insisting you to use the credit card, then here are the reasons.


The best reason to use the credit cards is the security that you get. There are many people who always suffer from the situations of losing big amounts due to fraudulent use of their debit cards. The security in the debit card transactions is always very low. When there is any fraudulent use of your credit card and you get the money deducted, then all you need to do is to tell your credit card provider about it. They will then look into the matter, and thus, will not charge you until the case is solved.

Grace Period

Grace Period is another facility that we get in credit  card. When we use credit card, then we don’t need to pay instantly. This is certainly a good feature for those who want to buy something urgently. No need to see that what’s the amount left in the bank account. Just use your credit card and buy whatever you want to buy.