DCB Bank Credit Cards – Apply & Check Eligibility, Interest Rates Online

DCB Bank is a distinguished commercial bank in the private banking sector of the country. Though the bank is small, it spans across the country with multiple numbers of branches in major cities. The bank takes advanced measures to meet the varying requirements of its customers. It brings a wide range of advanced banking services, products, and facilities. DCB Bank designs different credit cards considering the varying requirements of individuals. Let’s know about the best credit card from DCB Bank. You can take a precise and rewarding decision.

1. DCB Payless Credit Card:

DCB bank credit card

DCB Bank designs the Payless Credit Card with remarkable facilities and features that meet a wide range of financial requirements of the individuals. DCB Bank offers higher flexibility with the card and boosts up savings. The bank offers exciting discount offers. An applicant can avail the credit card against a fixed deposit at DCB Bank. The bank links the credit card with the fixed deposit account.

The cardholders have access up to 90% of the fixed deposit amount. You also have the flexibility to set the credit and cash limit of the card. If you fail to make the payment within the due date, the bank will recover the overdue amount from the fixed deposit account linked with the credit card. DCB Payless Credit Card brings hassle-free banking experience and offers attractive rewards on card usage.

DCB Bank offers a grace period of 15-45 days without charging any interest on the amount spends on the credit card. The cardholders can avail zero fuel surcharge offer on spending Rs 20000 annually for fuel filling. DCB Bank offers balance transfer from other credit cards to the Payless Credit Card without any additional charges. DCB Bank offers a reward of Rs 350 cashback as an introductory offer on spending Rs 5000 on the card within the first three months. The cardholder receives a complimentary reward of free personal accidental cover up to Rs one lakh. You can use the card for paying utility bills without extra charges of processing fee.  Every applicant needs to fulfill the eligibility criteria to avail the credit card. The applicant also needs to provide the copies of the applicable documents.