EPF is known as a saving tool which is helping employees to save some fixed amount of money for their retirement life. Well, there are different aspects about EPF and EPFO that you need to know so you can understand compete concept better. Also, there are apps and different methods that are introduced by EPFO so you can get easy options to check your balance related to PF. Not just that, the whole process required lots of types as well as documentation that you must know. Here is everything that will surely help you as well as make your experience smooth.

About EPF:

EPF also was known as employees provident fund organization which is promoted by the government and managed so the employee who works professionally in the sector can do savings. Well, the scheme is about the employee as it helps in saving an amount of money as it will decide before they sign up. Also, the employers have to return the saving money of the employee with the equal amount of interest will be passed on the complete amount. Basically, it’s a benefit scheme that you get once you get retired. It is helpful in order to decide something that you want to after you done with the organization or your working period. The scheme is helping lots of people to live a happy life after they get retired. Not just for that, they can also use the amount they save for different situations which includes sickness or any kind of disabilities.

About EPFO:

EPFO which is also referred as Employees Provident fund organization, it’s an organization for managing and assist the overall fund. Also, it’s a law that any company who have more than 20 employees have to register their name with EPFO.  The organization is controlled by the ministry of labor and employment government in India. The main idea behind introducing EPFO is to make sure that everything is going smoothly with EPF scheme as all documentation and process are overseen by the organization.

EPF Balance Check

EPFO Member Portal Login Steps:

Well, EPFO provides all services related to EPF not just that it also offers all related information and details that people require.  For knowing better, you have to log in as it will allow you to check and access various things like your EPF balance with the help of your EPF account passbook. Well, it is easy to do and save time as well; instead of waiting for the year-end so you can get the information or check the balance of your EPF. The portal helps you in getting everything that you require without wasting any moment. Just login and access all important details anywhere and anytime.

For login to the portal, there are a few points that you need to follow. These points or steps are easy to follow and it will help you in getting all the benefits of EPFO.

Step 1: First step is to visit the official site and open the EPF page.

Step 2:  Once you get the main page, there will be a form of registration that you have to fill

Step 3: Make sure you are typing the correct information as you are going to use the same details. Also, there are several options that you will get after you successfully registered yourself. There are options like PAN card, you just have to choose it and fill in the details. If not pan card then you can choose different documents which are allowed for registration option

Step 4:  before you get your PIN number, do a double check and get completely gt sure about the information that you filled

Step 5:  Once you submit your registration form, you will get a PIN number

Step 6:  well, you have to enter the PIN you have given which help you to get registered to the portal.

After the steps are done, you are free to login to your information that you have to submit.  However the basic details that you need to feed are your name, mobile number, what was the document type, number of the documents etc.

EPFO Services Available on Umang:

Umang app is an easily available app which offers different services that are given by government on the basis of central, regional or state. Also, it’s easy to use the app as it supports different platforms like desktop, tablets, and smartphones, not just that, the app is also availing in different languages which covers almost 13 language option. The list includes Urdu, Tamil, English, Hindi, Assamese, Gujarati, Odia, Malayalam, Punjabi, Kannada etc.

Well, Umang which also stands for Unified mobile application for nee age governance and basically based on e-governance.  The application is originally developed by MeitY and NeGD. There are different services that you can get for example CBSE, NPS, EPFO, PAN, GST, HP gas, DIgilocker, Pathshala etc. for better information, you can visits the website or simply call on their miss call number.


For registering yourself to the Umang app, there are few things that you need to know as well as to follow. Here is what you must do

  1.    The first thing that you need to do is to install the app
  2.    Go to the new user option and choose the registration method
  3.    Then go for the mobile number. Once you have done with the step, you will get the next screen ‘registration’
  4.    After that, you have to give your mobile number.  For verification, you will get Otto on the number that you have submitted.
  5.    Verify the number and you get MPIN number that you need to set
  6.    The number will be used for confirmation

List of EPFO services that you can get on Umang

  1.    Employee Centric services
  2.    General services
  3.    Employer centric services

Methods to Check EPF Balance

Well, in other words, the amount you saved for retirement is known as EPF balance. Also, lots of people want to check their balance to get the exact idea about how all things are going on. It’s advisable for the employees that they should keep checking their balance from time to time.

If you think that it will cost you time or have to face lots of hassle, there are no such things. You get different ways or methods by which you can check the balance whenever you want. However, for that, there is basic information that you need to know as well as there are steps you need to follow so you can get the simplest and smooth experience.

Basically, there are seven methods that you can get. Here are some basic methods that you can try:

  1. a)    You can check your balance via using UAN
  2. b)    The facility also allows you to use SMS option
  3. c)    You can download the passbook in pdf
  4. d)    Also, member portal can be used for downloading the pdf passbook
  5. e)    You can also go with call service
  6. f)    There is an app on the Google app store which you can download.
  7. g)    Simply go for online services for checking the balance

Apart from that, here are a few points that you need to note:

  1.    The very first thing that you need to know is that your number is registered with the PF account
  2.    Also, the account can simple operated with the use of registered one number
  3.    Make sure to submit more than one identity proofs so you can get options to log in future.
  4.    There is no need to withdraw your money if you transfer to another company, you can simply transfer your account to the company
  5.    There is a fixed period of withdrawing the money of Pf. As the EPF account should be 6 months or more than older. The facility requires information and details such as your father’s name, DOB, your gender, your name etc.

Via Official Website:

Simply you can visit their official website to get the information as well as the balance of your EPF. The EPFO introduced their official website where you have to feed the details so you can get the access of your account. For that, here are the steps that you need to follow:

  •    The first thing that you have to do is to log in to the EPFO portal. You can do that with the UAN number and password that you have.
  •    After you successfully clear the first step, the second thing that you need to do is to search the for employees option.
  •    Select the option that you will get ‘ Our service’
  •    Once you open, you will get another option where you have to choose member passbook option
  •    After clicking on that option, you will get redirected to the different page where they will ask  about the creational related to the EPF i.e. UAN and the password
  •    Filling all necessary details you are now allowed to check the balance
  •    If you want, you can even download the pdf of the passbook.

Via SMS:

You also have another option by which you can check the balance.  You are allowed to get all details just via SMS. It’s useful especially for those who want to get the balance in their religion or own language.  Well, EPFO offers 10 different languages when it comes to SMS. The list includes languages like English, Hindi, Kannada, Punjabi, Marathi, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, and Tamil. For that, first, you need to know the format of the SMS by which you can get the balance. Also get the information about your latest money that you contributed to your EPF, Here is how you can do that:-

You can send your message to this given number 7738299899

Before you do that, this is what you have to type EPFOHO UAN ENG. However, ENG is the language in which you want your message will be, for example, if you want that your balance message should be in Marathi. Then simply type MAR in the place of ENG. Like this, you can change the language that you want.

There are different codes for the different language, such as

  •    ENG – English
  •    HIN – Hindi
  •    TEL- Telugu
  •    PUN – Punjabi
  •    GUJ – Gujarat
  •    MAR – Marathi
  •    TAM – Tamil
  •    BEN- Bengali
  •    KAN- Kannada

Once you send your SMS to the given number, you will get a message in return. Well, the SMS option can give you information related to:

  • Your DOB ( date of birth)
  • UAN
  • KYC status
  • PF balance
  • Your last contribution related information

VIA Google play store:

There is one simplest method; you can check your balance via using Google play store.  The M-Sewa app you can download from the Google app it was launched EPFO. There are very simple steps that you need to take. Start with downloading the pap and once it’s complete, you just have to click the option Member. After that, click the balance or passbook option. Once you are done with these things, you will get an information page where you have to enter the UAN and your number that is registered to the blanks.

Via Missed Call:

The subscriber of the EPFO can also get their account balance. For that, they have to give a missed call to the number 011-22901406. Before you call, make sure your number is registered so you can get the balance related information on the number.

Well, the option is more useful if you are not a user of a smartphone or you don’t have that much interest in following other methods. It is also a very simple option for those who want a hassle-free method to choose. The method is not just time-saving but also saves you from going online and feeding all information again. But make sure you have the basic information of yours with you as you have to provide the details once you get the call.

Here are some conditions that you need to know before you call the facility.

  1.    Make sure your UAN number is activated
  2.    Well for the missed call it’s important that your phone number is registered with the UAN. Also, the activation process is complete by the UAN as well.
  3.    DO not use any other phone number for the missed call. As the information will be only provided to the register numbers.


EPF is no doubt one of the beneficial schemes for the employee who wants to live happy and better life after they get retired.  However, there are basic points that need to understand. For making the complete process EPFO oversee the work. Also, there are various options that you get so you can stay updated with all needed information via using SMS, call, app, online etc.