Many of the students do not know how to save money and end up having credit card debts, they have to skip meals, some of hem cannot travel from college hostel to home, and some of the students even said that they just cannot afford weekend plans. The students often said that the money which is allotted to them was just not enough for then, but that is not true because students do not have the financial planning skills.

We understand that you might have been misusing your money or may be your savings are just good enough. Nevertheless, we will show five ways you can save money, and also you will never have to skip breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Are you a college student with Debts on the other side? Then learn five ways that can free you financially. Our quick and working solutions might work for you.

Five Ways to Save Money While In College

Save From Day One

How about you learn about saving money first. The fastest way to make money is to start from saving it. Many of the college students do have a plan to save money on a daily basis because they spend more than they can take on. According to a survey conducted by a California University students has revealed that more than 76% of the middle-class students do not have the knowledge of saving money.

Instead of spending, start saving, and you can do that from day one.

Avoid Skipping Meals by?

It is better that you make a list of things you need each month so that you can avoid skipping meals. It is important to make a list of things you need to survive each month so that you will have the right picture on what is the exact number on how much you are spending.

While you are preparing your list, ensure that you are saving few bucks for the worst as well. In case, if your budget does not match then try to eliminate a couple of things from the list or you can buy the same product from a different brand that will adjust.

Avoid Spending On Unnecessary

The survey conducted by the California University said that the students spend more than they can afford. They have also revealed that many of the students are buying expensive stuff like an iPhone, Macbook and more.

It is highly advised that you can buy any smartphone under $300. There is no need for you to go out and buy a Macbook to show off. Smart people are those who are saving money for future and next coming days. That is much wiser than going broke.

Get a Job

As a student, I do understand that you need more much to survive day to day expenses. Remember, there is no way you can increase your monthly allowance unless you are willing to work.

There is no shortcut in making money. You can use your present education skills and qualifications to get a job and get paid for it. Did you know that a student from Oklahoma University did not have enough cash in his pocket and went online and he designed fort a company from his college room. He made only $100 in his first three months but later made over $1000/week from it

Use Government Schemes and Offers

As a student, there are many Governments are offering different options for the students to have a stable and balanced financial life. Many Governments are offering different schemes. You can leverage from it financially.


There is no shortcut from having a financial free student life. Thinking out of the box one way to get out of financial troubles.

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