Are you in search of best procedure in getting your income tax refund status! Here is the step by step procedure given for your reference. Now a days hiding income is a big crime and legal actions would be taken for any violations. PAN number is mandatory to know your current income tax refund status. It is quick online process to get Income Tax Refund status using PAN number and year assessment. Before 2007 there is no refund scheme. This income refund was implemented in the year 2007. Assessment year is the year which you needs to check income tax refund status. We have many valid terms and conditions to get eligibility for Income Tax refund.

Government has implemented many plans regarding Income Tax collections and it became very difficult to come out of black money. Everyone cannot go for service center to know about income tax refund status. And we may also find difficulty in filling forms manually every month and in that case we will go for online filling. It may not be possible to go and check status at every regular interval. In such situation we opt for online application which gives instant result.

Step by Step Procedure

Instead of choosing private blogs is better to go for government website. Below mentioned is official website to get any kind of income tax related issues and details.

Same portal can also be used for downloading e-file document directly. We also have an option to our bank account if needed. Income Tax Department has chosen State Bank of India (SBI) as mode of refund for all kind of transactions.

  • PAN card number is mandatory and it is not possible to get any information without PAN account. We need to enter our PAN details and assessment year. Assessment year is the year which we need our income details.
  • We need to enter our password which we created at the time of online income tax entry. We do not have any provision to get information without password. Password should be secure as there is a chance of misusing your income tax details with your password.
  • For authentication purpose it will ask for Date Of Birth (DOB) details. If we miss to remember our password we need to go for a very long procedure to get into your account. And sometimes it is hard to get into your account if you miss to remember the given password.
  • Before logon we need to enter CAPTCHA. This CAPTCHA includes both alphabets and numbers. Alphabets include both CAPS and SMALL. We should be very careful with this CAPTCHA as it may lock if you enter more than 3 times.
  • Logon to the website with valid PAN number, DOB and CAPTCHA details. If everything is fine you can be able to see home page. Click on ‘My Account’ which is the second option in home page.
  • We have many options available under ‘My Account’ tab which are required to get complete info. We can find all options that are particularly designed to get current Income Tax Refund status.
  • We also have options to raise any kind of requests or complaints that we are facing while handling out account online. We may expect delay in response but definitely we can able to solve our problem without any effort.
  • Continues tracking on our Income Tax details can be possible using online procedure. Taxpayers can view their day to day status using online registration. When compared to direct paper work, the processing taken will be less in case of online application.

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