Controlling credit card spending can bring many benefits. You can save money and save yourself from the bankruptcy. Many people feel like they are independent to do anything once they get a credit card. We all know that it is not very hard to get a credit card if someone does not have bad credit scores. After getting the credit card, they feel like they have unlimited balance in it and they start spending hugely. This finally leads to bankruptcy. So let’s know how to control credit card spending.

How to control credit card spending

  • Make an oath


An oath can be very powerful if you are an expert at keeping your own words. Make an oath for not to spend money too much. You need to control it and let your heart know this. Once your mind is ready for it, you will automatically control credit card spending. Well, sometimes we just cannot follow the oath and for that, you must keep some exceptions but the exceptions should be only about the important things. How to control credit card spending without making an oath?

  • Bring cash but not credit card while going to any party

We waste a lot of money in parties and while we go out with friends. So you should not bring your credit cards when you are going out with your friends for partying or for anything else. Make sure to use the money properly. Sometimes we tend to borrow money if we run out cash. You should also leave this habit. Ever borrow money from someone until it is too necessary to borrow. You must keep in mind that you have to give back the money what you are borrowing so the result is same.

  • Keep a limit on using your credit card

Some credit cards can set a limit such as when you have used more than $1000 or $2000, you  will not be able to use the credit again before the month ends and you  pay back the money  to the bank. Most of the banks keep limit by themselves but their limit depends on your monthly income. If you earn a huge then they will keep huge money at the dead end. So it is better to keep a limitation by yourself. For that, you must contact with the bank and let them know about this.

  • Do not give your credit card to someone else to operate

Do not let anyone else to operate your credit card. Sometimes we give our credit cards to our friends to use. They  say  that  they  will use it and then give back to you the money they spends, they  will give it back at  the end of the month. It does not go flat all the time. Your friend will use a big amount of money and then you will have to pay to the bank the money that your friend used.

Controlling the credit card spending will not really be a hard task for you if you know how to control credit card spending.