A home evolves throughout the years with the constant ebb and flow of its occupants and possessions, and each new year introduces fun, fascinating, and down-right smart technologies that not only creates a more enjoyable existence but a sound investment toward the financial stability of the housing through diversity in its assets.

An investment toward green living will have substantial benefits to the family occupying the residency. The home, if it were to go to market, will house the products and features every new home owner desires from modernization and improvements.

This article will share a variety of areas one can improve in a household to create a higher state of living and improve the market value of the estate.

#1: “Smart” Home Appliances

Our appliances have received an ample amount of upgrades to turn them into “smart” devices which bridge the gap in technology, energy savings, and plans to reinvest in the house.

A few worthwhile investments include:

  • Washer & dryer
  • Furnace & water heater
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Television

Almost every big-brand consumer product aims to save on power consumption but also come packaged in a sleek and efficient design which would have would-be investors clamoring for a bid.

You may use this website for additional information about energy consumption, costs, and strategies for savings.

#2: Energy-Efficient Basics

Our household “basics” are becoming increasingly energy-efficient, such as:

  • LED lightbulbs
  • Insulation for walls and roofs
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Timer-controlled thermostats

The government has set regulations on the development of housing which starts the process of turning a home into an energy-efficient construction and there are increasing options for energy-efficient basics on the consumer-level. Renovations to improve insulation, lighting, and energy sensors can save nearly 50% of the traditional costs.

#3: Winterizing and Summer Preparation

The country has many different regions that face all levels of extreme weather from the mountains of Colorado, to sweltering heat of Arizona, or marsh areas like Louisiana. Winter causes many families to shell out major amounts of money to keep warm which is why using proper insulation can save thousands of heating costs during the winter. Other alternatives include using geothermal heating by building into the ground, use of heat lamps, or incorporating a fireplace.

Trees and shrubs can do wonders for keeping your cooling costs down when in geographic areas prone to high amounts of sunshine, such as Florida, and can lead to an annual savings cost between $100 to $250. The added benefit of landscaping is that it will do equal wonders to the resale value of your home as it gives the location an attractive layout and design; the NYT article (cited) claims landscaping can attribute 15% extra on the resale value.

Keeping Costs Low but Rewards High

Legislation on energy controls, consumer awareness, and social pressure have given shift in the products and services offered by companies producing building materials, appliances, and improvements to our homes. Some may feel the controls and pressure to be forced but the ultimate goal, on a home owners level, is to make the improvements that will improve the quality of life and develop a long-term strategy in the event the house may hit the market; a high investment now will lead to thousands in savings throughout the year to which it can be reinvested back into the dwelling to further improve what the home has to offer its current inhabitants (or those closing the deal).