North Carolina municipal bonds can be bought directly from the issuer. These bonds can also be purchased from other holders. Depending upon the type of bond the repayment schedule is varied. These bonds generally pay their interest twice in a year and can provide tax exempt income. Some of the popular North Carolina municipal bonds are Nations North Carolina Intermediate Municipal Bond Fund, FirstHealth North Carolina Ser 2009C Bonds and Maria Parham Hosp Bonds.

 North Carolina Municipal Bonds

Nations North Carolina Municipal Bonds is a fund that offers a high tax exempt income and invests about 80% of its assets in the investment grade. It offers around 20% in the debt securities which is free from tax exempt. It also invests in securities which imposes federal alternative minimum tax. The fund, assigns its assets in the general obligation bonds, insured bonds, revenue bonds and pre-refunded bonds.

North Carolina Municipal Bonds

FirstHealth North Carolina Ser 2009C Bonds is a system of health care which has been allotted an ‘AA’ rating by Fitch. In order to refund the outstanding variable rate demand bonds it issues the bank qualified bonds. The fund has an outstanding indebtedness and has a fixed rate. In terms of market share it holds a dominant position and with a sound debt service coverage, a great operating performance and an outstanding liquidity position.

Maria Parham Hosp Bonds features a weak pay and a high debt burden. The Maria Parham medical center is a hospital with around 100 licensed beds. The hospital made an updation of patient units and its capital needs in 2008.

There are many other municipal bonds in North Carolina such as Durham North Carolina Series B, North Carolina Medical Care Commission Duke University Health System Series A, Dare County North Carolina Certificates Participation and Guilford County North Carolina Public Improvement Series A.

Taxable municipal bonds are also sold by the issuers in order to fund certain activities. This prevents the investors from eluding the tax. The examples of taxable bonds include

Refunding a refundable issue, investor-led housing, local sports facilities and borrowing an underfunded pension plan in order to replenish it. These bonds provide a high yield compared to that of the tax-exempt municipal bonds. The recent category of taxable municipal bonds includes the build America bonds.


Bonds that are not qualified for federal tax exemption are bonds that are issued for financing stadiums, an investor led housing and replenishment of the underfunded pension plan of the municipality.

An imbalance in the municipal market may result in less liquidity, lack of price transparency and greater volatility in the market. With the rise in the interest rates the value of income investments gets declined. With the change in the creditworthiness of the issuer the investment of the income securities gets affected. North Carolina Municipal Bonds income fund investments might be concentrated in one particular state so the fund share value will fluctuate greater than a less concentrated fund. Investments that are rated below the investment grade are subject to greater liquidity and volatility than the investments that are of higher rates.

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