If you are trying to save money, the last thing you want to do is to be saddled with hefty car payments. Even if you buy an affordable car from your local car dealerships or used car websites, the truth is that you’ll end up paying off your car for the next few years. This will make saving money a challenge.

If you want to save money while paying for a car, here are some tips to help you:

Pay a Higher Down Payment — One of the best ways to reduce the total amount that you will pay on the car is to pay a larger down payment. The monthly payments will be much lower, which means that you’ll pay less for the car in the long run. It may be a higher initial investment, but you’ll find that the lower car payments will be easier to handle every month while putting aside savings.

Buy a Cheaper Car — Don’t automatically assume that you need the most expensive car of the year. Consider buying an older model if you have a car that you really want, or shop for a cheaper vehicle. Chances are you don’t even need a costly luxury vehicle, but it’s just something you want. Cheaper car payments and savings are much better than a fancy car, so consider buying a vehicle that’s a bit cheaper in order to save money.

Buy Used or Certified Pre-Owned — If you want to get a good car for a reasonable price, consider buying a pre-owned or used vehicle. Many people visit websites like www.jbachevrolet.com to find deals on used and certified pre-owned cars, and they end up driving off the lot with a good car at a great price. They may not be brand new, but they’re in great condition and still reliable. Used cars will be your best investment, and you’ll find that you can get a good car for a much lower price if you aren’t too stuck on buying brand new!

Sell Your Old Vehicle — If you can, try and sell your own car before buying a new one. If you are just upgrading your car because you want to, your old car will probably earn you a tidy sum if you sell it. You can put the money you earned selling your car towards paying for your new one, which will enable you to pay a larger down payment or even buy the car outright. You can also consider trading in your old car to help cover the costs of the new one. You may not earn as much as you would selling it to a third party, but you won’t have to worry about being stuck without a vehicle for a few days or weeks.

Take Out the Right Loan — When you visit your lender to take out a car loan, it’s important that you take out the right loan. Some loans will be lower if you plan to keep the vehicle for many years, as you’ll have more time to pay it off. Use apps like Car Loan Calculator for Android or Car Payment Calculator for iPhone to help you figure out the best terms for your car loan.

Wait Until You Have Good Credit Score —Poor credit score can drastically raise the amount of interest that you pay on your car loan, so try and improve your credit score. If you have poor credit right now, work on improving it by paying off any debts you have. Once you’ve repaired your credit score, that will be the best time to invest in a new car.