Gone are the days where have to stand in a line outside the pension department office to know about our pension status. Nowadays, states concerning beneficiaries can check their SSPMIS pension status online and by sitting at home. They can check it using the SSPMIS (Social Security Pension Management Information System) official website. 


Therefore, now people who are more than 60+ years old living in Bihar do not have to think about anything as the information, status of their pension is now available internally. They can get it checked using the official website or with the help of any technical or internet person.

SSPMIS Vridhjan Pension Yojana

We know that the government of Bihar and the department of social welfare offers two pension scheme called Mukhyamantri Vriddhjan Pension Yojana and Indira Gandhi national old-age pension scheme. It is all managed by SSPMIS (Social Security Pension Management Information System). 

These two pension schemes are for the people older than 60+ years of age and under this scheme, the government will provide the proper financial support and assistance under the guidelines of the pension scheme.

All the elder people are eligible for this scheme. It does not matter either the member of this pension scheme is from any caste, race, color. Everyone is qualified for MVPY (Mukhyamantri Vriddhjan Pension Yojana). People are working with the government or any previous working state with the central government are not eligible for receiving a pension under this scheme. Previously, the MVPY scheme is eligible and only provided to the SC/ST, BPL familes, disabled and widows. However, after the new guidelines, this requirement has been dropped and now this pension scheme is available for every elder people and senior citizens of Bihar.

  • Scheme: Mukhyamantri Vriddhjan Pension Yojana (MVPY)
  • Category: Bihar Yojana
  • Authority: SSPMIS (Social Security Pension Management Information System)
  • State: Bihar
  • Launched by: Mr. Nitish Kumar
  • Beneficiary: Vriddhjan of Bihar
  • Mode: Online
  • Official Website: http://sspmis.in

Important Points for Bihar Pension Scheme

  • Under the Bihar Older Pension Scheme 2020. The applicant should be 60 years older and the applicant should be below the poverty line.
  • The applicant should be a permanent resident of Bihar to be eligible for the Bihar Vriddhjan Pension Scheme 2020.
  • Bihar state retired government employees are not eligible for this scheme under the strict rules and regulations of the Bihar Vriddhjan Pension Scheme 2020.
  • Chief Minister Bihar Pension scheme yojana is to only provide funds to the senior citizen people of Bihar. So, they do not have to be a part of any financial crisis.
  • Under this pension scheme. The government is not allowed to pay any premium to any particular individual.

How to apply for the Mukhyamantri Vriddhjan Pension Yojana scheme?

Most of the senior citizens are still not aware of this pension scheme and some of them may even not had applied for this scheme yet. No worries, I am adding a step by step guide for the new application for Mukhyamantri Vriddhjan Pension Yojana scheme along with the eligibility criteria.


  • The applicant should be a permanent resident of Bihar.
  • Must be above 60 years old.
  • You are not a current government or retired employee.


  • First, you have to visit the official website. (To be an instance, the applicant who wishes to enroll under this pension scheme must fill-up the form on the official website only)
  • On the homepage of the official website. You will find the option or button for the “Register MVPY Scheme”.
  • Just click on that button and it will open a new window for further registration.
  • Now, you have to fill all the essential information such as your name, district, aadhar card number, pan card and many other details whichever is required in the form.
  •  Once you are done filling up all the details. You can click on the validate button to continue.
  • Once the validation is completed. You now have to click on the proceed button.
  • Now, the actual form for this pension scheme will be opened in another window. You now have to fill all the details again along with your bank account number this time.
  • Once you are done filling up all the details. You can now click on the submit button.
  • After submitting the form N successfully. You will receive a slip of acknowledgment to make you sure that you are successfully enrolled in this scheme.
  • You can also take a print out for this confirmation for future reference.

Note: Applicant must be a permanent resident of Bihar to avail of this pension scheme and retired government employees are not eligible for this pension scheme.

How to check Mukhyamanti Vriddhjan Pension status on SSPMIS

As I mentioned earlier that gone are the days where we have to wait outside the government office and wait for our turn to know the actual status of our pension. Nowadays, people do not need to visit any government office for checking out the status of their pension. You can simply check out the status of your pension using the SSPMIS portal. (Social Security Pension Management Information System).

Let me explain using the points.

  • First, you have to visit the official portal of SSPMIS. You can visit it by clicking here: https://www.sspmis.in/
  • On the homepage, click on the beneficiary status option.
  • On the next screen. You will have to enter the following things to know the actual status of your pension. 
  1. Aadhar card
  2. Account number
  3. Beneficiary ID
  • Now, click on the search button and the status will be available on your screen.


Bihar’s older pension scheme 2020 is first introduced by the honorable chief minister of Bihar (Mr. Nitish Kumar). Under this scheme, the government of Bihar will provide a monthly pension to people who are senior citizens. However, this scheme is not for current or retired government employees. 

Every month the sum of 400 or 500 Rs will be provided to every senior citizen. Under this pension scheme, around 35 lakh families will be benefited