If you’re fascinated by the stock market, passionate about personal finance, have a talent for working with numbers and are interested in the business world, you may have been looking at this program and wondering whether you should get a degree in finance. Finance is crucial to multiple industries and often allows workers to have stable, lucrative careers. However, before you decide to sign up for a program, it’s best to be prepared. If you’re on the fence about getting a finance degree, here are a few reasons it could be beneficial to your career.

1. You Could Complete It While Working

Traditionally, one of the disadvantages of getting a degree was that you’d have to give up your income and time while completing your degree. While this is sometimes still the case, today’s options sometimes allow greater degrees of flexibility, which can be helpful for busy people and non-traditional students. Completing an online program, for instance, could allow you to continue working while getting your degree. This means you could still support yourself and not have to take out as much, if anything, in student loans.

2. You’ll Be Qualified for Countless Jobs

If you’re wondering what the career options are for finance graduates, you’ll be happy to know that a finance degree qualifies you for a plethora of jobs across a wide variety of industries. Because every sector needs good financial record-keeping and every business needs analytics in order to become and remain profitable, skilled finance majors can work in many industries and even combine interests in their work. For instance, you could work in healthcare, investing and more.

3. You Could Earn a Great Salary

Fittingly for finance majors, many jobs in the financial sector tend to be well paid. For instance, the Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the median annual income of financial managers at $129,890 a year, significantly higher than the median across all occupations of just under $40,000. Additionally, finance jobs are projected to grow 15% over the next decade, meaning a plethora of high-paying jobs could soon become available to qualified candidates.

4. You’ll Be Challenged Every Day

If you’re naturally inquisitive and love solving problems, studying finance could be a good fit for you. Careers in finance require workers to be not only highly skilled but also adaptable, detail-oriented and willing to problem-solve on a daily basis. When you work in finance, you won’t have to worry about getting bored while at the office.

If you have a knack for working with numbers and a strong interest in the business world, you may want to consider getting a degree in finance to help further your career. With a solid financial background, you’ll be qualified for a wide range of high-paying jobs across a number of industries, giving you security and flexibility throughout the course of your career. If you’re uncertain whether getting a finance degree is right for you, keep these key facts in mind and you can confidently make your decision.