Money is hard to earn, and everyone knows it. Well, not everyone, mostly teens do not. If you are a parent of a teen, then you might be agreed to this statement. It’s common to see the teens wasting hard-earned money of their parents. Such poor habits always result in disturbance in family’s budget. So it’s very necessary to make the teens familiar with the value of money. Pointing out the fact of their failure in managing money might help you in this cause. So let’s have a look at ‘why teens fail at managing money’.

No Finance Education in Schools

Why teens fail at managing money

School is the best place to teach any habit to teens. Schools nowadays offer many facilities related to sports, health and top-notch education, but this is very poor thing that a very few of them teach the teens about money making, management, its value n all. This might be due to the poor Syllabus and fast growing race to stand first in the board exams, where no need of knowledge related to finance.

No Finance Education by Parents

Yes, parents also don’t care to give finance education to their teens. They just want them to do whatever they learn in school so that they can stand first in academics. Though they can stand first in class or school, but they surely fail at managing money, where everyone must pass so as to enjoy a prosperous life.

Teens don’t know value of money

Don’t try to hide anything from your teens. Just tell them about your budget and let them meet the poor people for whom even a single penny is like a big amount. This will make your teens understand the real value of money, otherwise they will keep failing at managing money.